Matthias Siems: Customer Experience is Key to Business Growth

Matthias Siems says that all business owners desire to see their company grow faster than they do now. But, business growth is not just about happening. Many factors can influence the growth rate of your company. Customer experience is one of the key factors. 73% of customers cite positive experiences as a factor in their brand loyalty. To make your customers loyal, you must have a strategy to create “wow!” moments throughout their buying journey. To understand their values, it is important to appreciate customers’ perspectives.


Clarity about your customers’ needs is key to identifying the most lucrative business opportunities. It can be achieved through third-party research and a customer experience map. Customer interaction is a vital part of any customer experience map. It will help you understand the thoughts and feelings of your clients. Matthias Siems says that customers should be consulted about what they value the most about your business and how you can improve their customer experience.

This knowledge can only be gained by engaging your clients personally. Entrepreneurs often find it difficult to do so. It can be done using surveys. Prioritize regular surveys with your clients and current customers to determine their needs. This information will allow you to create your customer experience map. Many business experts recommend that you forget your fear of being told something negative about your business and instead focus on uncovering essential, real information that will help you grow your company.

Matthias Siems believes that good client interactions can result in better customer satisfaction. It is possible to gain valuable information by offering suggestions for improving the training of customer service agents. It will help improve your service delivery. Engaging with clients from the past can help customers recover. Matthias Siems says customers will feel valued and engaged, encouraging loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising to potential clients.


Solopreneurs and small business owners often fill multiple positions within their business. It makes them feel overwhelmed and intimidated about taking on additional responsibilities, such as providing exceptional customer service. Experts advise that you prioritize exceptional customer service due to your limited number of clients. Losing them could mean your company’s demise.

It doesn’t require a complex and expensive strategy. Because you know your customers better and are more familiar with their needs, it is not necessary to have a complicated and expensive strategy. People love small businesses because they help them grow and support their operations. Your small business status allows you to create a personalized customer experience that is powerful and memorable for each customer. Matthias Siem says that a personal touch can make a difference in your business’s success over time, as customers will form a stronger relationship with you. To attract clients, it is important to develop a customer experience strategy. You can do the following:

  • Make a welcoming video that engages new customers when they sign up for your email list.
  • Send customers a personalized gift from a local company to show appreciation and thoughtfulness and evoke gratitude.
  • Show empathy to your customers. Forbes reports that the top performing companies also rank high on the list for the most empathic companies. It proves that customers truly value being helped well. To make meaningful connections, you must understand your customers as people and not just data points.
  • Transparency and communication are key. Transparency in business includes being honest about your business’ capabilities and allowing you to accept responsibility for making mistakes. Transparency is a key component of customer experience and growth.
  • Listen to customer feedback and take action. You can use customer feedback to help you decide which aspects of your business to improve for a better customer experience. This feedback will show the customer you value their opinion and encourage loyalty, boosting your company’s growth.
  • Create an online community that is engaged. Experts agree that an engaged online community is a key component of customer service strategies in today’s business world. Educate, connect with and listen to your online community for the best results.


Given the number of custom options available today, motivating customers to return to your business cannot be easy. To increase customer retention in this highly competitive environment, you must find innovative ways to engage customers. You can send personalized offers to customers by email instead of sharing large numbers of proposals. It will have a greater impact.

To stand out in a competitive marketplace, you must be different from the norm. To make your brand stand out, you should look at how other industries and businesses do business. Is loyalty programs popular among customers from other countries? To make your business stand out, you might consider implementing one. Do other businesses organize events that offer customers too great to be true experiences and gifts to encourage loyalty? You could do the same thing for your company.

Matthias Siems says that surprise and delight can have significant business results when executed well. According to Harvard Business Review, surprises can foster closer relationships between brands, consumers and companies. For the best customer experience, consider including this tactic in your customer service strategy.


Companies that retain customers are more likely to grow than those that lose them. Businesses patronize customers for many reasons. Getting them to stay with you is the key to business growth. Many business experts believe that providing customers with an emotional and psychological win is the key to keeping them loyal. Your retention rates will be positively affected by strategies such as providing outstanding customer service, delighting customers, and rewarding loyal advocates. To increase your retention rates, prioritize regular communication with customers, keeping promises on time and professionally, being trustworthy, and other things. Customers win, and they stay!

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