Matthew Telesca | Importance of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a basic part of any business. The main role of supply chain management is to improve the customer experience and quality of products and to reduce the operation costs.

Supply chain management is an integral part of the management process during a business operation. It is very crucial to maintain a proper supply chain to compete with your competitors. With the advent of the global era, everything has been possible to handle with technology. There are various supply chain management systems to eliminate the errors. Supply chain management leads to a healthy relationship with your customers. This helps to optimize the demand of the customers.


There are various benefits of supply chain management by Matthew Telesca. Some of them are as follows:-


  • Minimizes the production cost:-


The main objective of supply chain management is stock and inventory management. It is very important for an organisation to proper inventory management to receive supply of their raw material from various sources. If the raw material gets finished suddenly so the production decreases and production cost increases. With proper supply chain management, organisations may properly maintain their raw material stocks.


  • Increased profitability:-


everything is possible with technology, the use of an automated supply chain management software decreases the operational helps organisations to make appropriate decisions on time leading to an increase in sales. This automated system decreases the operational cost and increases the sale increasing the profit of the organisation.


  • Improves customer satisfaction:-


Today the customers are impatient, they have huge options to cater to them. Any mistake or delay in order may lead to customer dissatisfaction. They disturb the customer relationship. Supply chain management system helps you maintain proper supply of your products.


  • Reduces asset cost:-


A properly planned supply chain process eliminates various middle expenses like building warehouse, logistic expense, labour cost, etc. if we build a proper supply chain we can supply the product directly from the manufacturing units thus leading to cutting of middle expenses. This proper management can save huge asset maintenance costs.


  • Supports medical emergency:-


In the time of medical emergencies, the role of the supply chain plays a very important role. There arose the need for an efficient supply chain to provide medicine, medical equipment in the affected region. All the local hospitals and clinics depend on supply chains for emergency requirements.


  • Improve countries economy:-


One of the best examples of a proper supply chain management country is china. It is the global exporter of goods. They manufacture goods of all categories and sell to other nations. They can do so because of an efficient supply chain and they do it at minimum cost, and earn huge profits.


Supply chain is the core material of any industry. It is the engine of the train of business. If you have a strong supply chain management you can grow your business at a rapid rate. Upgrade your organisation with the modern supply chain management system to grow your business.

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