Matiullah Akhundzada – A Successful Personality

Matiullah Akhundzada is a successful personality born in Balochistan, Pakistan. He is a sports lover, traveler, social activist and much more.

The world is full of various types of people. Some are good and some are bad. Good things can get from good people. We have very few good people around us who have set themselves as an example for us as a jewel. These types of quality people are rare to find and adorable to have around. Matiullah Akhundzada is also one of them. In this article, I will talk about Mr. Matiullah Akhundzada.


Mati Corporation, a non-government FMCG company which is founded by Matiullah Akhundzada. He was born in the district Qilla Saifullah from Balochistan, Pakistan. He is all in one person such as businessman, traveler, social activist, sports lover, and a great donor of all the time in Pakistan. There are a lot of things to know about him here.

Sports Lover

Matiullah Akhundzada is a sports lover personality. He loves football, cricket, gym, snooker, etc. For maintaining a good and healthy life, he regularly go to a fitness club. He also plays football and cricket with his local friends. As a sports lover, he gave donations to many local footballs, cricket, and fitness/gym club as well. There are many young stars are coming to Pakistan’s sports with the hand of Matiullah Akhundzada.   

Matiullah Akhundzada
Matiullah Akhundzada

A social activist:

In the year 2005, Matiullah started his career as a social activities and now he becomes a famous social activities across his province as well as country. Moreover he donates to the needy people regularly.

Sponsorship experiences:   

Matiullah Akhundzada
Matiullah Akhundzada

He has been renowned for his astounding sponsorships in t different sports platforms. Especially I would like to highlight here that he has sponsored more than 200 cricket and football tournaments on different grounds. Not only this but he also supported more than 100 cricket football Karaty and fitness club teams with kits so that more and more youngsters can fulfill their dreams on their respective platforms.

He opened even more opportunities for people in this way. Not even students were without his contributions, he sponsored some poor students in their educational expenses, so that they can pay their part to their country when they grow up. Apart from this Akhunzada also assisted so many ill people in their bad time to get them back to a healthy life.

A helping hand:

Other than sports  Matiullah Akhundzada can feel the pain of those who cannot afford their livelihood, he is always there to support them. He is already donating in every donation scheme of his district. Also, he helps poor people with their needs on different occasions. Even in the situation of lockdown, he donated essentials and groceries to more than 100 families.

A traveler:

Matiullah Akhundzada loves to travel. He has visited more than 20 countries arount the globe in his international tours. He has enriched his knowledge and views by travelling and it helps him to work for the people.

If you want to explore more about him, just visit his personal profile and check out more about his current activities and future work.


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