In case of love, is it necessary to match the Kundali for marriage?

Indian couples can affix a seal of marriage only once the horoscope of the bride and groom is compatible enough to carry this pious relationship. Love marriage prediction can also be known with the help of a horoscope.

Nevertheless, many weddings approved by Kundali Matching fail and others violating the matchmaking succeed. Therefore, these two questions haunt many rational minds.

Can horoscope compatibility for marriage ensure a successful marital relationship? Is Guna Milan necessary when two hearts have already accepted one another?

What Happens In Kundali Matching For Marriage?

Janam Patri of the bride and groom are matched to ascertain whether their wedding life will be blissful. One of the major factors that are taken into consideration is the Ashtakoot match.

Ashtakoot is an astrological chart containing 8 parameters that are used to calculate the points out of 36 of a prospective couple. When the pair scores 18 or above, the marriage is favorable and if the points are below 18, the wedding is not approved by astrology.

What Is Missed Out In Ashtakoot Milan?

Although Ashkoota covers many aspects of astrology, yet certain crucial factors are missed out.

  • The lifespan of the couple
  • Planetary positions of individual 
  • Quality of marriage life
  • The promise of kids after marriage
  • Afflicted 7th house and the position of Venus 
  • Connection of the Lords of the 6th and 7th Houses from the Moon
  • Unfavorable birth Horoscopes 

Such factors can indicate unfortunate events in natives’ life and it cannot be ignored. So while matching the birth chart of two souls, emphasis should not be only given to Ashtakoot Milan but also consider other characteristics apart from that chart.

How Kundali Matching Is Beneficial In Love Marriages?

Horoscope matchmaking is beneficial to check compatibility on various traits of the partners like:

  • Nature
  • Attitude
  • Sexual abilities
  • Tendencies 
  • Mutual understanding

Once a rapport and mutual understanding are built between the prospective mates, there are only certain points to be checked that include:

  • The lifespan of bride and groom
  • Possibilities of being cheated
  • Chances for divorce
  • Progeny 

Beyond all the above considerations when both love partners come forward to connect their soul, despite all challenges and odds, then the Astro match hardly makes any difference.

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The Essence Of True Relationship

Mutual understanding, love, and trust are the foundation of any healthy relationship. Noone can remain happy with a forced marriage, so if the kundali indicates the possibilities of mishaps, divorce, or second marriage, no amount of effort will help in stabilizing the relationship. Such occurrences are the result of natives’ karma and therefore it is bound to happen at any cost. 

Thus, love marriage prediction from Janam Kundali also holds equal importance from different perceptions.

How To Overcome The Dosha Of Kundali Match In Love Marriage?

In order to avoid the affliction of horoscopes in love marriage, certain remedies can be helpful. 

  • Spiritual sadhana 
  • Believe in the power of destiny
  • Perform the required vidhi and puja
  • Wear specific gemstones or yantra as per requirements
  • Recite mantra of God 

Moreover, it is also required to give time and effort to understand your partner and going that extra mile to meet the desires of each other, this leads to a happy and successful wedded life.

In case of love, if kundali matching for marriage is unfavorable, remedial measures can help to some extent. 

However, when two souls are in love, they should accommodate each other’s needs and compromise to ensure a harmonious environment in the companionship. If true love and mutual understanding exist, even the worst domestic storms cannot wreck a wedding.