MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition Review OTO – Price & OTOs + Exclusive 5,000 Bonuses + Bundle

Dear online marketers, don’t we all have the same passion of earning more or side income to support our lives financially?

But the thing is most of us are taught to become employees, not entrepreneurs. So we still have the mindset of trading time for money or doing a job. And transitioning from employee to an entrepreneur mindset takes work. So you’ve got to bridge the two and have income coming in while doing so.

You could do menial tasks around the neighborhood if social distancing allows. Or you could try to get a part time job at the local Walmart. But you could also use the internet to help you create side income and be your own boss. Most times in as little as 30 days.

So in today review, I will gladly share with you 12 step by step blueprints complete with 20 different sources to help you earn money from the comfort of your laptop!

This is a complete cash machine system that will blow you away. If you’ve not got a good ‘Side Hustle’ income in place yet, then I will show you 12 Blueprints you can choose from today in my MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition Review below!

So let’s wait no longer and dive in today MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition to get more information about this amazing product!


Thanks to Matt Garrett, I get the results I wanted

If you buy it through my referral link, I will give you a special reward from me. This reward will help you earn more money when combined with MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition Review.

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Product nameMAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition
VendorMatt Garrett
Front-end price$17
Release Date2023-Aug-15
Release Time11:00 EDT
RecommendedVery High
Skill levels neededNo need any skills
SupportEffective Response
BonusesMega 5,000 Bonuses Value At $2,976,749
Refund30 Day Money Back Guarantee  


MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition is an in-depth training guideline that gives you a ticket to easy 3-figure paydays or more online in 2023 and beyond.

MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition FE: MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition

MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition OTO 1: MAT1 Side Hustles Pro

MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition OTO 2: MAT1 Founder Members VIP Access

MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition OTO 3: Easy Pro Reviews

MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition OTO 4: MAT1 Done For You Site & Funnel Setup

MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition OTO 5: MAT1 Product Creation & Launch Mentoring



MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition is brought by Tony Marriott and Matt Garrett.

He has impressed his buyers with MAT1 Side HustlesWP Toolkit Ultimate AdsNext Generation Affiliate V3Blog Link MagicEasy Pro AzonEasy Pro Funnels V2WP Simulator LocalWP Smart Links V2, etc.

More details are in my MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition Review.


This is everything you will take advantage of MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition:

As I said earlier, whether you need to pay bills or just want to bring in some extra monthly revenue, these step by step blueprints can help you do just that.

Here’s a look inside the blueprints…


There are many paid survey sites online and to be honest, most are completely useless. Worse, some can actually scam you and put you in a worse position…or you never get paid.

But I’ve actually done the research for you and found 2 different sources that you can learn how to fill in simple questionnaires or give your opinion and get paid.


If there’s one thing that’s annoying, it’s joining FB groups that are nothing but spam farms or biz opp havens masquerading as work from home opportunities. So what can you do since that’s the case?

Thankfully, I’ve sorted through tons of these groups, filtered the good from the bad, and found 2 FB groups that I’d recommend that are completely legitimate. This way you can fulfill your work from home is the dream during the current crisis.


Think Reddit is just another site where gamers and nerds hang out? Think again.

With so many subreddits out there, you’ll find that there are people passionate about various subjects sitting right inside of Reddit’s massive site. Subjects that you can monetize as the perfect side hustle.

But with over thousands of sub reddits to filter through…it would take you all day to find ones that you can make an income from. Not to mention, if you approach it wrong…you’ll end up shadow banned from Reddit.

Thankfully, I’ve found 5 sub reddits that you can start working with and get paid in record time. I’ll show you how it all works inside. Don’t miss out on this one…


Everyday there are millions of people looking for help with simple tasks they are willing to pay someone else to do for them. As a matter of fact, some if not a lot of these tasks are so simple that it takes hardly no time at all to fulfill them.

In the member’s area I’ll share 3 recommended sources that you can tap into quickly to start earning money asap.


Companies are always looking for people to work in their customer service roles. Especially now that the pandemic has forced a lot of companies to have their employees work from home.

With social distancing and businesses turning to digital and online sales, this opportunity is creating amazing demand.

I’ve found 2 recommended sources that allow you to work from home as a customer service agent. If customer service is your thing and you want a level of freedom while being in your pajamas, you’ll love this!


If you have a heart for people and enjoy helping them, then this opportunity is for you. I’ve discovered one particular source that will allow you to help others and earn money at the same time. It’s a win/win all the way around!


Where else can you go and get paid to try and break something? But that’s exactly what these companies will pay you to do.

Before an app or website is launched, tests need to be made to see how it works and if it has any bugs etc. And these same companies will pay you good money to try and break their developments to prepare for the public.

I’ve found 2 sources that will pay you to do the above. Access them in the member’s area in the next 5 minutes.


These aren’t your run of the mill Craigslist ads that try and swindle you into some scam. Based upon our research, I’ve found FIVE different sources that will pay you to go undercover and test their business.

You simply report back and get paid. Perfect for those that love shopping and need to earn some extra money.


When it comes to freelance writing, proofreading, & transcription – opportunities abound on the internet!

If you have a passion and a flair for writing, I’ve found the #1 place where you can get paid to check others’ work and/or write for them.

Discover this and other sources where you can find the best places to get paid for using your writing talents.


I’ll show you how to use one of the top sites online where people go and pay to get answers to their questions.

This is one of the best ways to use your knowledge to help others out and get paid at the same time. If you’ve got a paypal account, you can start getting paid in the next 30 days.


If you’re like most online user, you probably spend a good portion of your day searching the internet. So why not get paid for what you’re already doing?

In this section, I’ll share with you 2 different sources that will pay you for the time you spend searching online.


Would you like to get free stuff to try out? Or would you like to get paid for your feedback on certain topics? Well, now you can do both?

There are companies that crave everyday consumer insight so they can become more profitable. And they will pay well for it. I’ve narrowed it down to 2 reputable sources that you can sign up with today.


The first 50 students will also be getting this additional module which includes:

  • Video 1 – MAT1 Side Hustles Overview
  • Video 2 – Optimised Profile
  • Video 3 – Setting Goal Of Profile
  • Video 4 -Groups To Join
  • Video 5 – The 10x Segmentation Method
  • Video 6 – The Filtering Strategy
  • Video 7 – The Profile Hack Strategy
  • Video 8 – The Viral 10x Method
  • Video 9 – The Profile ‘PUBLIC’ Option
  • Video 10 – The 10x Profile Method To Get More Leads/Sales
  • Video 11 – The Untapped Traffic Source
  • Video 12 – Offer your own Facelift Service and bank $97
  • Video 13 – The Profile Affiliate Method – $100 A Day!

Inside the video course, customers can discover:

  • How to optimise their Facebook Profile and turn it into a MAGNETIC ATM machine
  • How to 10x their current profile, so it attracts people that want to give them money..
  • How to use my SECRET SAUCE no one is doing that will make their profile stand out from everyone..
  • My favourite strategy NO ONE is doing how to SEGMENT friends on Facebook and increase your organic reach
  • How to triple your organic REACH using ONE SIMPLE HACK!
  • How to offer your own Facebook Profile FACELIFT service and bank $97
  • How to tap into an UNTAPPED traffic source
  • How to make $100 a day affiliate sales with this simple METHOD
  • How to turn your existing profile into an optimized CASH MACHINE.
  • How to use the SEGMENT technique to 10x YOUR REACH.
  • How to use our deadly sauce hack to filter your friends.
  • How to use this TOP SECRET Ultimate PROFILE Hack!
  • How to use our DEADLY VIRAL strategy that PUTS YOUR Message out to 1000s…
  • The profile trick no one really knows about to 10x your reach!
  • How to make $97 EASILY By offering a simple FACELIFT Service.
  • And much, much more!

In this course they are gonna show you how you can build a passive income just from your Facebook profile. Over the years they’ve been involved in Facebook marketing for many many years and they’ve made a ton of money, generated a lot of leads from Facebook. They’ve built a successful business just by leveraging their facebook profile.

So you’re gonna have several bite-sized step-by-step videos revealed to you how to make money from your Facebook profile. Here’s an example on the author’s facebook profile.

As you can see he has got the banner, he has got his information there and exactly all the relevant call to actions. Now for you, your Facebook profile is going to be a goldmine so they are going to show you some really effective powerful tactics that you’re gonna take your profile profile from zero to one that is making you passive income each and every time

If you wanna basically know these secrets, you have to watch these bite-sized step-by-step videos and take action… Not only you can teach others how to do this but this course is designed in such a way that you can make money by promoting this course as well.

For a limited time, you can grab MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!



Take your time to discover MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition as soon as you log in:



MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition can be easily adored because it provides you with:

1. Blogging with ChatGPT: Learn how to generate engaging blog post ideas and monetize your blog using AI.

2. ChatGPT for Social Media Management: Create compelling social media content and build a profitable social media management business.

3. Copywriting with ChatGPT: Use AI to craft persuasive marketing copy and launch a lucrative copywriting side hustle.

4. Video Scriptwriting using ChatGPT: Write captivating video scripts and monetize your skills on platforms like YouTube.

5. ChatGPT-Generated Ebooks and Guides: Produce ebooks and guides with the help of ChatGPT, then market and sell your work.

6. AI-Assisted Content Marketing Consulting: Offer content marketing consulting services, backed by the power of AI-driven strategies.

7. ChatGPT for Email Marketing Campaigns: Create engaging email content and grow your email marketing business.

8. Creating ChatGPT-Powered Online Courses: Develop captivating course content and monetize your knowledge through online courses.

9. ChatGPT for Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Leverage AI for SEO-friendly content creation and offer SEO content services.

10. Starting a Podcast with ChatGPT-Generated Ideas: Brainstorm podcast topics and create engaging content using AI, then monetize your podcast.

Note: you also get 5 Tailor-Made Prompts for Each Side Hustle: Maximize your success with unique prompts customized for all 10 side hustles covered.


Generally, MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition is a MUST-HAVE item for:

♦ Affiliate Marketers

♦ Marketers

♦ Com + Amazon

♦ Freelancers

♦ Website Owners

♦ Social Media Marketers

♦ Local businesses

♦ Any other kinds of online business



✅ 12 NEW AI blueprints for pulling in quick cash

​✅ Over 50 different places to get paid

​✅ No special skills needed

​✅ No previous experience needed

​✅ No upfront costs

​✅ Bootstrap your online marketing business

✅ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


❌ No Cons Found.


MAT1 Side Hustles AI Edition has 1 Front-end & 5 OTOs:



Here Are 20 Different Sources That Will Pay You From The Comfort Of Your Laptop… Regardless Of The Current Pandemic Crisis!. Start Generating Cash Flow In The Next 30 Days.

Helps You Get Paid In Just 3 SIMPLE STEPS:

Choose one of the easy step by step blueprints included in your membership
Follow the instructions I’ve laid out for you.


And on this MAT1 Side Hustles Review page, you get the chance to grab ANOTHER 12 Side Hustles… And another 50 Resources to use! Giving you double the ways you can create online income from home!

Whether you’re looking to break out in to a new online career, or just for some extra cash to take care of unforseen expenses, using these Side Hustle Plans can help you pull in the extra income you need.

You’ll be able to relax knowing you’ve got those unforeen emergencies covered, and maybe a bit left over for special treats… feel more confident knowing that you can pay for some of. These extra 12 Pro Side Hustles give you more opportunities to get ahead and stay ahead!

Yes! These Side Hustles are all separate, indivudal opportunities and you can choose the one’s that suit your circumstances best. You don’t have to stick with just one, in fact we’d recommend you try several to see which does suit you best!

And remember, many have more than one income source you can tap in to… there are ‘Side Hutles’ that can easily turn in to a full time occupation or career over time… And there are others which are more suited to ‘dipping in to’ when needed, choose the one that fits best for you!

Most of the Side Hutles included let you get started straight away, some you will need to register for or go through a ‘setup’ or ‘registration’ process to get access to, although still fairly quick and easy they can mean a wait to hear back and get accepted.

Note: there are a couple of ‘Resources’ that are limited by your location, most tend to be open wordlwide, but some are limited US residents only.


Here’s How To Build A Sustainable PREDICTABLE Income Using Your Computer In Just A Few Hours A Day.

I need to address a common problem that most entrepreneurs struggle with…and maybe you do as well?

Join a very special group that I’m putting together.

It’s an incredible resource that will help you build the foundation for your internet business in a number of segments.

And everything you need to succeed is included in one easy-to-access library.

A Complete Online Digital Library of Courses To Help You Build Sustainable Predictable Income You Can Rely On Month After Month

MAT1 is the culmination of all that experience and hard-won knowledge.

I see product after product being released that only serve to distract & confuse new marketers with too many different options and possible paths.

I’ve designed MAT1 to lead anyone, whether they are a total newbie or a seasoned marketer who is struggling to achieve their income goals, through the essential skills and tools, and building blocks necessary to create a real reliable online business.

MAT1 is the roadmap stocked with tools that you need to get you there.

The only thing you need to do is make the decision to get started today.

52 Weekly Training pdfs

Every week, we’ll deliver you a different pdf lesson to help you build your business step-by-step, broken down into manageable, actionable lessons..

Step-by-Step Checklists

Besides the incredible video library, you’ll receive these easy-to-follow checklists that help you get up and running quickly. Perfect for moving past all the chatter and getting results in as little time as possible.

Monthly Marketing Essentials Workshops

In-depth, over-the-shoulder practical example webinars that help you follow the exact steps we take.

Monthly New “What’s Working Right Now” guides

The foundation for what it takes to succeed online never changes, but the METHODS sometimes do. Because we know you have a life outside of online marketing, we’ll take the driver’s seat and keep you up to date on what’s working at any given moment online.

This way you can take the guides, implement them, and get results asap.

Monthly Q&A Webinars with Matt & Alex

While the training, pdfs, and checklists work great… we also know that you may need to have live demonstrations or just need a forum to get your questions answered.

These monthly workshops will do that for you. You come prepayellow with questions and we’ll help you work through the kinks of building your online business for massive success.

Training on Essential Tools

We do this for a living, we know what works and what makes running an online business easier – so we’ll show you the tried and tested tools we use and how to get the most from them.

The MAT1 MASSIVE Video Library – Over 200 videos included!

Every topic you could ever think about succeeding with online is all cove yellow in this video library. Full of examples, step-by-step, and how-tos…

when you pair this with the checklists, there’s absolutely no way you can lose.

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the videos already included in the member’s area:

  1. WordPress Training: 39
  2. Authority Blogging: 9
  3. Affiliate Blogging: 10
  4. Affiliate Marketing: 30
  5. Basic Traffic Strategies: 10
  6. Advanced Traffic Strategies: 10
  7. Traffic Guide Videos: 1225
  8. Traffic Methods: 2
  9. SEO Getting Started: 10 + 4 pdf
  10. SEO Workshop: 20
  11. On-Page SEO for WP: 9
  12. Modern Affiliate Marketing: 12 + pdf
  13. Social Media Marketing: 10 + 4 pdf
  14. YouTube Marketing: 9 + pdf
  15. Video Marketing: 16 + 3 pdf



With High Converting Product Review Pages Using Just A few Clicks Of This Ground Breaking Software

Zero Skills Required – Just Click, Copy & Paste

I Show The Irrefutable Proof In The Video Below

Ultra Simple System That Lets You Sell Affiliate Products Using Other People’s Videos


  1. Choose a digital product from our recommended list with just one click.
  2. Choose your digital product review video from our auto-generated list.
  3. Simply copy and paste testimonials, features and review text.
  4. Select as many free bonuses as you like to ethically “bribe your buyers”.
  5. One-click to upload to our free cloud hosting or host yourself if you prefer.

Bypass All That With A Simple To Use Software That Does All The Heavy Lifting For You

A fast and easy-to-use system that will generate beautiful, customized, digital product review pages. A system that allows you to create these high-converting sales pages in minutes with a few clicks and some copy & paste.

Creating stunning digital product review pages couldn’t be easier.

Easy Pro Reviews removes all the roadblocks that are stopping you from using the same methods used by many hugely successful affiliate marketers.

People love reviews. They actively search them out before buying. Reviews engage with potential buyers creating confidence in both you and the product. This massively increases their chances of purchasing

Combined with offering free products they are powerful marking machines.

And they can be yours. Time after time, product after product, generating sales after sales.

You literally WILL NOT NEED:

  • Any design skills
  • Any programming skills
  • Any video creation skills
  • Any copywriting skills
  • Loads of spare time
  • Long learning curve

You can create stunning, highly efficient, digital product review pages that include a video review and a bucket load of bonuses that will almost force visitors to buy your affiliate offering.

It works for thousands of digital products across hundreds of niches and includes (but is not restricted to) mainstream affiliate networks like ClickBank, JVZoo, and Warrior+.

Every Easy Pro Review page includes testimonials, product images, feature lists, strong calls-to-action, and free bonuses PLUS a product review or demo video.

The future’s bright- The future’s EASY PRO REVIEWS.

  • Legitimately Sell Affiliate Products Using Other People’s Videos.
  • Generate as many review pages as you want in no time at all.
  • Get started fast with almost zero learning curve.
  • No requirement to learn new skills or purchase additional tools or services.
  • Build up a large portfolio of web collateral. Everyone is a money maker.
  • One-click post your free reviews to your chosen social networks to get the traffic started – fast!
  • Final start to see affiliate product sales coming in
  • Now you can buy paid traffic sources and actually expect to make a profit
  • Make Easy Pro Reviews the start of your affiliate marketing success.

Special Bonus 1 – Full Traffic Training Tutorials

Extensive Video Training Courses to suit all budgets and expertise. We know you will want to maximize the benefits of Easy Pro Reviews so we have included video training covering a number of the main traffic sources. Like Facebook, Google, and YouTube. Of course, we have included an extensive SEO course and some less known but easy to implement, traffic sources (free and low cost).

Value $97

Special Bonus 2 – Full Commercial Licence

For this launch period, we are also including a full commercial licence so you can create and SELL your product review pages.

Easy Pro Reviews is completely stand-alone and works brilliantly. But we want to make sure you get the max for your money and the most benefit from being one of the first to get your hands on Easy Pro Reviews so we have included some fast action bonuses for those that purchase today.

Bonus 3 – Done-For-You Review Pages Pack

This pack of pre-done review pages will get you started immediately.

One-click import any of the done-for-you review pages.

Pre-done reviews have been already created for you for a range of popular and profitable digital products in a range of niches.

Each review includes a review video, testimonials, features list, etc. Get started in just one minute!

Value $47

We’ve done the research for you to find the highest-paying offers in three of the most popular niches.

Bonus 4 – Internet Marketing

Saving you hours and hours of research and figuring out what are the best paying Affiliate Internet Marketing products available.

These top products are currently paying the highest commissions per sale to affiliates.

Many with recurring monthly payments which means up to $1500.00 per sale.

Value $17

Bonus 5 – Health & Fitness

Want to work outside the Internet Marketing niche? No problem. Here is a list of the highest-paying Affiliate Health & Fitness products.

One of the biggest niches on the internet with many sub-niches this hugely profitable niche to in.

Many have recurring commissions giving you regular monthly payments.

Value $17

Bonus 6 – Dating & Relationships

Another huge niche. A rabid audience and lots of affiliate products for you to offer your potential customers.

We have put together a list of the top-paying affiliate products in the Dating & Relationship niche.

All the bonuses include full historical data of the products and have been chosen for their high “average commissions per sale”.

Value $17


Let Us Make This Even Easier… WE’LL SET UP YOUR WEBSITE FOR YOU!

– Cut Out The Learning Curve, Time Spent & Mistakes

– Rest Assured Your Blog Is Setup THE RIGHT WAY

– Hit The Ground Running With A Ready To Roll Funnel

– Maximise Profits With Our Premium Niche Plugins

– Long-Term Income From 30+ Day Follow Ups

This is the Ultimate Shortcut… WE’LL GET YOU UP AND RUNNING

We appreciate that every customer is different…

And while our step-by-step tutorial videos show you exactly how to set up your own site from scratch…

If you don’t feel you have the skills, confidence, or time to tackle this yourself…

Then this is your chance to Get Us To Do It For You!

I have to state that this is a VERY LIMITED OFFER, and spaces will go quickly – we simply don’t have the time to provide this extra level, personal touch for all our customers…

When it comes to WordPress we know what we’re doing, with a wealth of experience from providing plugin support to tens of thousands of customers over the last decade, and we usually charge upwards of $250 per hour for client on-site work…

This ONE-TIME Offer is at a massive discount to help you get up and running ASAP with the least headaches and learning curve possible.

This is not a service we usually offer, and once the available time slots are taken the offer WILL BE Closed.

And if we bring it back it will be our usual, higher rate

  1. Setup & Configure WP
  2. Install Essential Plugins
  3. WP Security Setup
  4. 3 Premium Niche Plugins $81 Value
  5. Install Theme, Menus & Widgets
  6. Setup Your Contact Us Page
  7. Setup Legal Pages
  8. High-Ticket Affiliate Offer Review
  9. DFY Affiliate Marketing Funnel
  10. Integrate Your AutoResponder
  11. 30 Days Follow Up Emails
  12. Guaranteed Approval Affiliate Offers

Setup & Configure WordPress

We’ve worked with thousands of our own & customers’ WP Sites, we know how to get the best out of WordPress and will make sure your site is setup the right way

Including adding themes, menu & widgets…

Install Essential Plugins

There are some essential plugins every blog should have, we will install what we consider to be the best for niche affiliate blogs

and give you additional tutorials for extra plugins we recommend down the line…

WordPress Security

Because WP is the most popular site-building software it also tends to attack the most hackers…

We’ll install the two best security plugins we use on all our sites to help keep hackers out!

3 Premium Niche Plugins

We will include 3 of our own Premium Niche plugins, designed by us for our own sites

These sell for over $80 in total and are designed specifically for increasing commissions on our affiliate blogs!

The Pages You MUST Have

Google expects you to have certain legal pages in place (e.g. Privacy Policy, as well as a Contact Us page.

You should also have some extra legal pages like GDPR & DMCA info.

We’ll get these set up for you and integrate your Contact page with a Contact form…

Your First High Ticket Review Post

We’ll get your first high-ticket affiliate review post published, complete with your affiliate link (we’ll show you where to get this), so your blog is ready to start making commissions…


Your Blog will also have a complete funnel, with a lead magnet and opt-in page…

AND 30 Days of follow-up emails with guaranteed approval affiliate offers!

We can even integrate your autoresponder (GetResponse or AWeber) for you.


  1. Direct Contact Directly With Him – He’ll Help You With Questions/’Roadblocks’ – Value $800 Per Month
  2. Initial 30 Minute Consultation To Set The Foundations And Work On Your Product Launch Action Plan & Timescales – Value $300
  3. Ongoing 30 Minute Skype Progress & Accountability Meetings Every Two Weeks To Keep You On Track And Review Progress – Value $600 Per Month
  4. Monthly Group Q&A Webinar To Answer Questions With Actionable Examples – Value $250 Per Month


  • A friendly ear to talk to and bounce ideas off
  • An accountability partner who will help ensure you get stuff done
  • second opinion about what you’re doing
  • different set of eyes on your business
  • Some hand-holding & encouragement to stay the distance
  • Helping hand to get you past the roadblocks along the way
  • fresh opinion based on 19 years of online marketing

This is not a pre-packaged set of “coaching” videos, it’s one-to-one mentoring and I understand that everyone is different, so it will be tailored to your specific needs!

Having said that, there is a process I follow to get a product created and launched, so here’s a rundown of what we’re likely to go through:

1. Where Are You Now – We’ll run through your existing knowledge, skills, resources, business setup, income & time available.

This will help me get to know you and understand what you already have in place so we don’t end up repeating anything unnecessarily.

2. Defining Purpose For Direction – where do you want to be, what do you want your life to be, and how can we define the direction you need to take?

Identifying your ‘Purpose’ gives you the drive to both keep on track, and reach your goals more quickly!

3. The Action Plan – breaking the overall big picture down into simple, step-by-step actions that are easy to achieve, but still move you inevitably towards the end goal.

Having a realistic plan to follow and just taking one step every day will get you to your goals more successfully than trying to take ‘Massive Action’ and wearing yourself out!

4. Getting It Done – Creating more time and energy in your life, and building habits and systems to help you make progress.

There can be a lot of moving parts, but having simple systems and automation in place wherever possible takes the heavy lifting out of the whole process. (aka I’m actually lazy, I always look for the easy way to get the best results)

5. Accountability – regular goals and conversations to keep your focus & momentum. Life throws all sorts of crap at us, and on a pretty regular basis.

Staying on track to your goals can get tricky, I’ll help keep you on target!

6. Stumbling Blocks – help with the roadblocks, problems are part of business as well as life, how we deal with them is both how we grow and how we succeed in business!

The odds are that the problems you experience will already be familiar to me, if it’s not I’ll still be there to work out how we get through it, around it, or over it!

7. Getting It Out There – it’s never perfect/finished, but it can be sold…

It’ll help to make sure you start making money as soon as possible by getting your product out there for sale as soon as it’s good enough to be sold, and I’ll show you how to improve it as you go along…

8. Lifeblood & Growth – planning & executing different models for finding ongoing fresh leads that are scalable.

Getting your product launched isn’t the end of the journey, it’s important to create a business that has a constant source of fresh, targeted leads.

I’ll help you work out which model suits you best and get it set up.

9. Leveling Up – looking at the ways to expand your reach and value to move up the income ladder, based on what works for you.

More products, a deeper funnel, high ticket offers, webinars – there’s a wide variety of options, and taking them all on will quickly dilute your efforts, so planning which order to add the parts you want is the next step to growth.

10. Making It All Worth While – plans, habits & systems to help you continue personal & business growth and keep on track for your end goal.

Part of being successful comes down to giving yourself the best chance to get there, so learning how to manage your life, your energy levels, your ability to focus and your overall health comes into play

Whilst I’m not a life coach, I will share with you what works for me and how I get the most out of both my working life and my ‘living’ time.

Remember: this isn’t a fixed curriculum, it will be tailored to your specific situation and needs, as everyone is different.

First, A Quick Reality Check:

1. What You Don’t Get: Unlimited access to me – My time is valuable, I guard it very carefully (as you should do too), so don’t expect me to be at your beck and call 24/7! 🙂

2. Fair Warning: For email questions, the reply isn’t always going to be immediate, and could potentially be a few days, e.g. if you email me a question on Friday afternoon…

3. You need to be willing to put in the time: I don’t sell magic beans – I build solid strategies that are proven to work every time if you’ll commit your time.

By hiring me you’re also agreeing that you’ll put the time into your business that it needs to reap the rewards.

4. You need to be an ethical business person: You must want to build a business you’d be happy to tell your family about!

5. What’s The Cost? The astute marketers reading this will also realise that this is basically FREE consultancy because if you put the time in, you should expect to cover your fee quickly and then go on to even bigger, ongoing profits.

  • 15 Modules Step-by-Step Affiliate System Builder Guide Value $97
  • Affiliate Blog & Templates – Save you tons of time and effort Value $97
  • Extreme Traffic Training – The ultimate collection of traffic training Value $297
  • Productivity & Mindset Guides – Keep you focused on your goals Value $77
  • Branding Package – How to brand yourself online for max effect. Value $77
  • High-Profit Products List – List of top-selling affiliate products Value $49
  • Fast Action Bonuses – If you buy today these are yours for free Value $51

Until now, you’d have to pay me a $5000 Upfront Retainer Plus 10% Of Sales to have me set up & run your product launch.

I use my friend Pat Flannigan’s proven strategies, techniques and checklists when planning & running launches for both my own products and my partners offers.

I know these tactics work, they’ve helped me & my partners pull in hundreds of thousands of dollars in launches over the years, so I can attest to the fact he’s a pro and is highly qualified to train others.

You’d also have to pay thousands of dollars to have Pat himself set up and coordinate your product launch.

But today, the “Launch Boss” himself, Mr. Pat Flanagan, will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about creating maximum success with your product launch, WITHOUT paying him thousands.

He can help you get it right & make a profit from your very first launch!

Pat Flanagan IS the “Launch Boss” as far as I’m concerned – He’s proven it to me multiple times, and he has helped MANY entrepreneurs from beginners to well-seasoned pros to launch their products for maximum sales and profits.

HIS methods and systems resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in profits for me.

Pat has taught me some unbelievable tricks and techniques to almost force my product launches to be hugely profitable.

This is world-class stuff.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce that Pat has FINALLY taken the time to create a FULL Training Series, where he shares with you ALL of his fantastic methods and tricks-of-the-trade.

Isn’t it YOUR Turn For a Profitable Product Launch?

Launching a product successfully (profitably) is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do, and it’s not as hard as you might imagine.

Stop With the Excuses Already.

I don’t care what your excuses are – And I don’t care if you don’t even have a product to offer (yet). If you want to join the ranks of highly successful entrepreneurs, the BEST way to do that is to launch your own product.

“It’s hard”, I hear you say… “It’s complicated”… “I don’t know where to start”… “I don’t know how to put all the pieces together”… “I don’t know how to get JV partners interested”…

Should I continue? I’ve heard all the excuses.

But you NOW have access to all the answers, from one of the most successful product launch managers in the Internet Marketing industry.

You get all FIVE of these courses, with OVER 8 HOURS OF TRAINING

Don’t worry, the 8 hours is broken down into bite-sized pieces. It’s split up among the five courses. Each course is split up into many individual modules. Just pick the course and module you want to dive into, and it’s ALL there at your disposal as you need it.

Until Now, this has NEVER been offered as a complete package deal. Each of the five courses was created to be sold separately, at a street-price totaling OVER $400.

Through this special offer, the COMPLETE PACKAGE is yours RIGHT NOW for less than 10% of the regular price.


61 Minutes of Video Training

This video course will take you through 5 killer strategies for selling new and “digital dust” products, none of which require expensive work-filled launches. Includes a case study showing how Pat made $4,260.07 in sales, over a holiday weekend, by spending $0 and NOT launching a product.

Method 1 – The Social Media Secret
Method 2 – The Existing Buyers Secret
Method 3 – The Download Bonus Secret
Method 4 – The Upsell Secret
Method 5 – The Private Promo Secret
Case Study 1 – JVZoo Tutorial Video Set pt1
Case Study 2 – JVZoo Tutorial Video Set pt2
Closing Thoughts


36 Minutes of Video Training

Four deep strategies that can magnify and accelerate your ANTILaunch results — This is a genius way of getting additional sales on the spot from ANTILaunched products; The best type of products for ANTILaunch sales (and how to change other products into that kind of product); How to cultivate the special connections that make ANTILaunch strategies 3, 4, and 5 explode; and the “FlexiProcess” for personalized promos.

Secret 1 – The Funnel
Secret 2 – The Special Product Type
Secret 3 – Connection Cultivation
Secret 4 – The Private Promo Flexiprice
Closing Thoughts


15 Minutes of Video Training

Top tips for increasing your chances of achieving JVZoo Product of the Day and WarriorPlus Deal of the Day, based on data from managing and having dozens of launches.

What Exactly is POTD or DOTD?
Important Factors for Getting POTD or DOTD
Where Will Your POTD or DOTD Be Promoted?
The Good and The Bad of Getting POTD or DOTD
The Secret Strategy
Closing Thoughts


81 Minutes of Video Training (Recorded Webinar)

Get walked through the most comprehensive mindmap created of everything that needs to be done in a launch, when, and why. Follow this timeline and you’ll have no more underperforming rush launches, you’ll have plenty of time to get everything done, and you won’t have tasks falling through the cracks. Includes actual mindmap in .xmind and .mm mindmap software formats, plus PDF.

Introduction and Mind Map
Initial Preparation for Launch
8 Weeks Prior to Launch
7 Weeks Prior to Launch
6 Weeks Prior to Launch
5 Weeks to 2 Weeks Prior
1 Week to 1 Hour Prior
Post-Launch and End
Questions and Answers
Sample JV Page


5 Hours 23 Minutes of Video Training

4 Sessions of In-depth launch video training (including PDF for each session) on four important launch subjects.

Session 1 – Funnel & JV Contest Planning (111 minutes)

Your offer should make buyers want to buy and affiliates want to promote. Upsells should MAKE SENSE, from both usability and pricing standpoints. Even though upsells are optional, they should be “no-brainers” to the buyers. Planning your sales funnel out properly can increase your bottom line in multiple. In this video, we go through different product funnels that are proven to have great potential for success. For the affiliates, you need to plan to launch contest prizes. These can go far in bringing in the big affiliates who can make mega sales for you. You will learn ways to plan your prizes and a few problems to watch out for.

Session 2 – JV Pages & JV Videos (64 minutes)

The JV page is your sales page for affiliates. We break down an effective JV page, showing everything that should be on there, including how the sales copy should work. You’ll see what works, and what definitely doesn’t work. Then, we break down how to shoot a quality JV video. Pat shoots videos all the time with his face on camera, as do I, and he will show you the setup he uses and how you can duplicate it on a budget. It isn’t hard to get a good quality JV video, you’ll see!

Session 3 – Affiliate Management & Promo Materials (97 minutes)

Affiliates are the lifeblood of your launch. Without them, you have no sales. In this video, we cover the best ways to reach out to affiliates (and the ways you DEFINITELY want to avoid). You’ll learn the way to vet affiliates to decide who gets Instant Commission, who gets Delayed Payment, and who gets denied. Making mistakes on this can lower your sales at best, and destroy your PayPal account at worst! Then, we will go into promo materials. You’ll learn what the best affiliates are looking for, what type of swipes they need, and if additional media like graphic banners and ads are really necessary. Then you get some copywriting tips for the swipe sequence that works the best.

Session 4 – Launch Promo (51 minutes)

In this video, we cover Launch Promotion — The best ways to get the word out about your launch. You’ll, of course, already have a large collection of Facebook Groups and calendar/announcement sites from the No Brainer Launch Promotion Cheatsheet. But here, you will learn how to craft the most effective message to post there and elsewhere. You’ll learn how to find the sweet spot of giving affiliates just enough info to draw them into your JV page, where the real “sale” happens. And how to keep them motivated through the length of your launch.

BONUS COURSE #6 Get Up And Running On WarriorPlus

20-Part Result-Oriented Video Training

One of the most common questions I get as a Launch Manager is “Which Platform?”

1. Overview

2. Sign Up Process

3. Account Settings

4. Vendor and Affiliate Settings

5. Vendor and Affiliate Settings – Part 2

6. Vendor Settings – Warrior Plus Wallet – Part 1

7. Vendor Settings – Warrior Plus Wallet – Part 2

8. A Customers Warrior Plus Wallet Purchase

9. Creating a Product Offer

10. Creating a Product Offer – Part 2

11. Add a Product – Part 1

12. Add a Product – Part 2

13. Preparing the Product Button

14. Activating Your Product Offer

15. Affiliate Auto Approval Thresholds Set By Vendor

16. Pre-Affiliate Offer Request

17. Affiliate Promotion Statitics

18. Affiliate Offer Request

19. What Happens When You Make A Sale

20. Doing Customer Research as a Vendor

So to help you get started I’m including 20 very practical video tutorials that even a complete beginner can follow and get results with it on my favourite platform – WarriorPlus.

Getting used to WarriorPlus new features.
Learn how to properly configure your products for maximum exposure.
How to easily configure your settings in just clicks.
How to get more attention on WarriorPlus using their existing tools.
How to track your commissions, sales and other stats.
Learn exactly how to value your customers through warriorplus.
The Wallet system and how it works.
Learn how to find new ways to increase revenue with WarriorPlus.
Learn how to receive money even WITHOUT Paypal.
No fluff, just actionable steps to success

BONUS COURSE #7: Get Up And Running On WarriorPlus [ADVANCED]

20-Part Result-Oriented Video Training

1. Adding A Bonus As An Affiliate To an Upsell

2. Adding An Upsell To Your Offer – Part 1

3. Adding An Upsell To Your Offer – Part 2

4. Adding a Downsell To Your Offer

5. Creating A Subscription Product

6. Adding a Dime Sale To Your Product

7. Adding an A Autoresponder To Your Product

8. Adding After Sale Customers To A Webinar

9. Adding Zapier to Warrior Plus – Part 1

10. Adding Zapier to Warrior Plus – Part 2

11. Adding In A Time Sale

12. Adding In A Countdown Timer

13. Adding In A Scarcity Warning

14. Adding In A JV Partner

15. Adding In a Coupon – Part 1 – Enter At Checkout

16. Adding a Coupon – Part 2 – Auto Assign A Coupon

17. Adding An Affiliate Program – Part 1

18. Adding An Affiliate Program – Part 2

19. Adding An Affiliate Program – Part 3

20. Adding an Affiliate Specific Coupon

BONUS COURSE #8: Get Up And Running On JVZoo

20-Part Result-Oriented Video Training

This is a very detailed 20-step-by-step video series titled ‘Launch With JVZoo’.

These over-the-shoulder videos will help you and your clients to understand how to best use this platform to organize and grow their business.

It’s a very practical course that even a complete beginner can follow and get results with it.

No fluff theory – only actionable steps to succeed.

1. Overview

2. Set Up Your JVZoo Account

3. Set Up Payoneer For Affiliate Payments

4. Vendor Payment Profile Set Up

5. GDPR Warning

6. My Account Profile Set Up

7. JVZoo Pay Settings

8. Adding an After Sale Autoresponder

9. Finding Your Affiliate Product Links to Promote

10. Affiliate Activity – Adding Autoresponders

11. Affiliate Activity – Adding a Bonus To Your Promotion

12. Creating a Product – Part 1 – Indentification

13. Creating a Product – Part 2 – Checkout Page

14. Creating a Product – Part 3 – Custom Receipt

15. Creating a Product – Part 4 – Product Delivery

16. Creating a Product – Part 5 – Advanced Settings

17. Creating a Product – Part 6 – Scan and Compliance

18. Creating a Product – Buy Button

19. Creating a Product – Creating a Test Purchase

20. Conclusion

BONUS COURSE #9: Get Up And Running On JVZoo [ADVANCED]

20-Part Result-Oriented Video Training

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Upgraded Video Series:

How to work with the advanced features and make the best of it.

How to become more efficient in your daily activities and speed up your output using this platform.

Learn the smart way to make things happen fast as the experts do with some key features of this service.

Learn how to reduce frustrations and time-consuming activities by applying my practical advice when using this service.

Videos Included

1. Overview

2. Enabling Affiliate Promotions a Vendor – Part 1

3. Enabling Affiliate Promotions as a Vendor – Part 2

4. Enabling Affiliate Promotions as a Vendor – Part 3

5. Enabling A Private Sale for Affiliates

6. Enabling Upsell As a Vendor – Part 1

7. Enabling Upsells as a Vendor – Part 2

8. Researching A Sale As a Vendor

9. Researching Transactions as an Affiliate

10. Blacklisting Undesirable Customers

11. Integrating Cloud Based Services Through Zapier

12. Integrating Webinars Through Webimate – Part 1

13. Integrating Webinars Through Webimate – Part 2

14. Adding Webinar Applications with Zapier

15. Extending Applications – Zapier

16. Live Example – Promote A Product and Collect Leads

17. Live Example – Creating A Product and Up-sell

18. Live Example – Creating A Webimate

19. Live Example – Extending JVZoo Through Zapier

20. Conclusion

BONUS COURSE #10: Get Up And Running On Clickbank

18-Part Result-Oriented Video Training

This is a very detailed 20-step-by-step video series titled ‘Earn More With Clickbank’.

These over-the-shoulder videos will help you and your clients to understand how to best use this platform to organize and grow their business.

It’s a very practical course that even a complete beginner can follow and get results with it.

No fluff theory – only actionable steps to succeed.

Videos Included

1. Overview

2. Create a Clickbank Account

3. Clickbank – Account Settings

4. Clickbank – Affiliate Settings – Part 1

5. Affiliate Link Set Up – Part 1

6. Affiliate Link Set Up – Part 2

7. Affiliate Link Set Up – Part 3

8. Direct Integrations

9. Zapier Connection

10. Connect to Autoresponders Through Zapier

11. Connect to Membership Platforms

12. Creating Your Pitch or Sales Page

13. The Clickbank Trust Badge Addition

14. Creating Your Thank You Page

15. Creating a My Product Page

16. Creating A Test Purchase

17. Approval and Activation Charge

18. Conclusion

BONUS COURSE #11: Get Up And Running On Clickbank [ADVANCED]

21-Part Result-Oriented Video Training

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Video Training

Get started with Clickbank and understand how it can help you.

Learn how to quickly configure your profile to receive payments.

Understand the Clickbank Menu and how it works.

Understand how the marketplace works and what to look for.

How to work with workflows and properly structure your offers.

How to configure your product settings properly for quick approval.

Learn how to tag your offers for easy reference.

How to collect and manage your customers’ information.

How to easily track your sales from one dashboard.And so many more

Videos Included

1. Overview

2. Connection to Mailchimp

3. Connection to Zoom

4. Connection to GoToWebinar

5. Adding an Upsell

6. Adding an Upsell-Downsell

6b. Decline Link in Upsell and Downsells

7. Affiliate Management – Part 1

8. Affiliate Management- Part 2

9. Physical Products – Part 1

10. Physical Products – Part 2

11. Recurring Billing Products – Part 1

12. Recurring Billing Products – Part 2

13. Clickbank Product Variations – Part 1

14. Clickbank Product Variations – Part 2

15. Live Example – Sales Page and Thank You Page

16. Live Example – Creating A Product

17. Live Example – Creating and Testing Our Payment Link

18. Live Example – Creating An Upsell and Downsell

19. Live Example – Creating The Decline Link

20. Conclusion


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If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


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