Mastering the Amazon FBA Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and is the perfect place to sell anything. Before you sell on Amazon, you should understand the concept of a third-party seller and the sales methods that the site provides them. Selling here is similar to having your own store. So, here in this article let’s know how to be an amazon FBA seller.

How Does Amazon FBA work?

Amazon FBA is a service offered by the number 1 e-commerce platform in the world that allows any company to sell its products on Amazon without having to manage the stock part, order preparation, logistics, return management and customer service.

Without a warehouse or staff, you may sell items on Amazon to thousands of customers using Fullfilled by Amazon. An undeniable advantage of this form of operation is the ability to remotely control your entire Amazon store. For greater clarity, the renowned run cycle of Amazon is broken down as follows:

  • You send your items to Amazon for storage in their fulfillment centers;
  • Once Amazon receives your inventory, you can track it through the tracking system;
  • The customer buys on Amazon;
  • Amazon selects and packages the items sold;
  • Amazon ships its items by the method chosen by the customer and provides tracking information.

How To Be An Amazon FBA Seller:

To become successful Amazon, you will need to go through at least four stages. The developed step-by-step instructions will help you figure out how to be an amazon FBA seller. See these steps below…

Create an account on Amazon Seller Central:

So, the first and most important thing is to create your own account.  Amazon Seller Central is the interface developed by Amazon for its sellers. This is a space not visible to buyers, which allows you to manage orders and generate reports on sales made.

To become an Amazon merchant, you must first register with Amazon Seller Central. After logging in with their usual Amazon account, the future seller only has to follow the platform’s instructions, in particular to enter the information relating to their future online store.

Select Products To Sell on the Amazon Marketplace:

Amazon has many categories and sub-categories to reference the products of its sellers and facilitate navigation for Internet users. Products belonging to certain categories or sub-categories must be validated by Amazon before being put online.

In addition, it is important to carry out a pre-selection of the products to be marketed on Amazon if the company already has a merchant website. In this case, the smartest strategy is to pick a few of the best performing products in the catalog to test their success with Amazon shoppers.

Finally, listing products on Amazon can lead to a much greater logistical burden due to the increased number of potential customers. That’s why it’s better to start with a partial launch of the company’s offer. The transition to an Amazon-only online store can be done gradually.

Choosing an Amazon Selling Plan:

Selling plans are the formulas that Amazon offers to its sellers. The Individual Selling Plan may be suitable for beginner sellers, who do not exceed 40 items sold per month. Also called Amazon Business, the “Pro” plan offers more advanced services for sellers wishing to bet on Amazon to develop their business strategy in a sustainable way. Opening an Amazon pro account allows you to sell an almost unlimited number of items per month.

The choice of the type of sales plan depends very directly on the seller’s average number of sales per month since Amazon charges a sales fee of one dollar per item sold with the “Individual Sales Plan” formula. On the other hand, the professional selling plan costs the seller $40 per month, but removes the selling and management fees operated on each of the sales of a non-professional store.

Put the Products Online:

Once the seller has selected the most suitable formula for his business, he can now put his first products online on Amazon from the “Amazon Seller Central” portal.

Adding new products to an Amazon store is guided by the “Amazon Seller Central” interface. Just follow the steps indicated by the platform. Subsequently, the seller can manage the sale of products already listed on his online space. He therefore keeps his catalog available to activate and deactivate the display of his product sheets.

Optimize Product Sheets:

Once the store’s products are officially on sale on Amazon, there is no question for the seller to relax his efforts. The product sheets require regular updating to correspond to the stock in real time, but also to customer demand. This is why it is important to optimize both the content and the formatting of product sheets.

Many SEO techniques exist to improve the visibility of an Amazon online store to potential buyers. Amazon also provides its own formatting recommendations.

Promote Products on Amazon:

To hope to sell its first products on its Amazon store, the company must make sure to attract potential buyers. For this, organic SEO actions are not always enough.

It is advisable to use a campaign to increase the visibility of products among the lists of results offered to Internet users looking for a product. On Amazon, an advertising campaign is managed from a specific interface called “ Console ”. Designing and setting up an Amazon ad is then very easy.

Sell the First Products:

If the promotional actions have been effective, the seller should quickly see his first orders arrive. These first sales are an opportunity to ensure that the payment of the profit from the sales, as well as the collection of the management fees by Amazon, are indeed made on the bank account of the company.

Process Orders and Manage Shipments:

Amazon Seller Central notifies sellers by email when an order is placed on their online store. It is then time to ship the product by themselves or by using the FBA service.

Order fulfillment is a very important part of selling products on Amazon. A good shipping process is a guarantee of seriousness that helps strengthen the visibility of an Amazon store.

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Finally, we urge you not to lose hope if the first sales do not proceed as expected. You’ll undoubtedly make a profit that is commensurate with the effort put forward if you research your competition, study statistics, and experiment.

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