Master Your Poses! Best Yogi-Approved Yoga Mats 2020

All yoga mats may look the same, but they are different from their peers in terms of material, grip, cushion, etc. Due to yoga’s skyrocketing popularity, you come across countless yoga options when searching for a perfect mat. Whether you go for cost-effective mats or custom yoga mats, it is necessary to ensure durability and good grip. 

The sheer number of yoga mat options can be overwhelming. Write yoga mats on Google, and you’ll notice millions of results. However, the numbers drop a little when you modify the search term to personalized yoga mats.

Whether an everyday mat or a customized one, it is essential to purchasing a mat that meets your requirements. In this guide, we’ve rounded up the best yoga mats of 2020, approved by yogis and instructors. 

Before that, you need to know what to consider while buying a yoga mat. It is because the best mat is one that suits your practice. 

How to Buy a Yoga Mat

Depending on your activities and needs, you get the right mat for your yoga sessions. For example, if you perform hot yoga, then ensure that a product you’re going to purchase is apt for the yoga form. In addition, look for features like a non-slippery surface and extra grip. 


Some important things to consider while choosing a yoga mat include:

  • Whether you want a mat for indoor or outdoor yoga activities
  • Yoga type you perform
  • If you want to take it to different places with you
  • Your budget

If your session includes outdoor yoga poses, get a sturdier and more durable mat. In case you travel a lot, and don’t want to miss your yoga practices, invest in a mat that can be packed easily. You can also get your yoga mat personalized to express the inner yogi in you.

Best Yoga Mats of 2020

a) B Mat Everyday by B Yoga

It is a good option if you want a simple, comfortable mat for your daily yoga sessions. It is 4mm thick, which ensures support and cushioning while performing the asanas. 

The B Mat every day is made of all-natural rubber, which is grippy. In the mat world, it is an all-rounder because you can use it for yoga, stretching, and various other activities that require you to sit on the floor. 

b) Custom Yoga Mat by Qstomize

If you want a yoga mat that reflects your personality or style, Qstomize has custom yoga mats. Unlike traditional mats, these are mats completely created by you. The company gives you the freedom to personalize your own mat by choosing the image, color, and text of your choice. 

However, personalization isn’t the only thing that makes the Qstomize mat one of the best custom yoga mats of 2020. It is a durable and sturdy mat with the cushioning effect. 

c) Manduka Pro

The 6mm Manduka Pro mat is an ideal thick option when you perform your yoga asanas multiple times a week. Although it is an expensive product on the market, it is cushier than other mats in the market. 

Apart from that, Manduka Pro is larger and more supportive than standard mats.

In the End

Instead of falling for a low price, consider features like comfort and support in your yoga mat. If you also wish to make it reflect your persona, get custom yoga mats by the best supplier.