From budgeting and cost control, managing registrations, ensuring everything runs smoothly during the event to measuring success, event organization, and management is no less than a challenge. Event coordinators and planners have to be on their feet from pre-event to post-event, and things do not get easy.


There is no denying there; event organizing is a tough job, where one mistake can create havoc. Every stage of this process needs to be carefully crafted, as even the smallest negligence can ruin the entire event, stirring disappointment among the attendees, something not any of the companies want.


Luckily, the world is under continuous evolution, with new and innovative solutions flooding in every day. The rise in the use of technology has a solution for all companies and organizations that are struggling to organize events, be it real-life or virtual. Masterbadge, a Qatar-based event management technology company, is changing how companies manage and organize events.


Whether it’s a healthcare institute, a corporate agency, or an educational platform, every business in every sector requires a service that can minimize the event management risks, allowing them to hold successful events. Master badge is one of those companies that are providing all businesses the helping hand they need. It combines both real-life and virtual experiences with technology to provide attendees with a memorable event. The event management and organizing services offered by this setup are a sneak peek into the future of the world of events.


Shaping the Future of Event Organizing & Management

Founded in 2016 by Mohammad Abuateek, Master badge is an event management software company. It was founded to help event organizers and conference managers to create events that were effective, successful, and easy to manage. The vision on which the company was established states, “to provide a fully-featured platform with tools for every-type of conferences that helps organizers and planners minimize the event organizing risks.”


Masterbadge uses the most innovative technology that handles every aspect of conference management. The most iconic feature of this event organizing tech-hub is its RFID technology. It is a tested and proven method to capture the attendance of the audience. While all stages of event management are critical, the number of attendees and the amount of time they spend in the event are key measurement factors. These factors indicate the success and effectiveness of the event, helping organizations improve in the future.


The company makes use of custom-made robots, a unique, low-cost RFID badge, and state-of-the-art software to track every aspect of audience attendance. These work together to help calculate the attendance based on time spent in each session, which is then generated as a report. Real-time attendee tracking is possible with this technology as the RFID badge printers are designed to produce a badge and encode it within 15 seconds or less. These RIFD panels are placed at every door at the venue.


Having a reliable form of technological solution to process such a complex calculation is a relief for many event managers. These calculations need to be accurate as it helps in ensuring that the attendees have spent quality time in the conference, learning about their field. It is not easy to manually track the attendance, which is exposed to human error. Masterbadge eliminates all chances of errors in this regard, offering organizations up to 90% accuracy in real-time attendance tracking.


The feature has helped Masterbadge establish a prominent identity in the world of medical conferences, despite being new in the industry. A medical organization must track each minute an attendee spent in a medical conference while learning. The attendees of these conferences receive governmentally approved certificates for Continued Medical Education (CME), a global standard.


In addition to this, the company offers other conference management tools that help in boosting the experience. These tools include attendee registration modules, event marketing on the website, and through email, attendee engagement via polls and surveys. It also provides insights to organizations into the performance of their events through reports and analytics, while offering custom-made mobile applications, competition management.

Crafting Experiences that Impact and Impress

Master badge deals with all types of conferences, but most of its successful projects include medical events and conferences. It organized the Patient Experience Forum 2019 for Hamad Medical Corporation. The conference management tech company built MEF 2019 mobile application along with the conference website while catering to 1843 online registrants and 329 onsite registrants. In addition to this, Master badge has worked on 500 other conferences, all were huge successes. They placed their RIFD panels for real-time attendee tracking and iPads for surveys and polls.


The all-in-one conference technology platform consists of multiple modules that contribute to the creation of a wonderful experience. From registrations, event marketing, to event-specific mobile applications and post-event reports, this company makes conference organizing and management simple and convenient. As it has been a partner of many organizations in conference management, it was presented with a certificate of appreciation for continuously contributing to Middle East Forum by the Institute of Healthcare Improvement. Moreover, the company received recognition for its services by various other notable platforms. Master badge received Plaque of Appreciation during the Qatar Health 2020, held in Sheraton Hotel. It is also a recipient of an appreciation award presented to them by the Qatar Cancer Society.