Mass Gainer or Whey Protein? A Skinny Guy’s Guide!

Mass Gainers and Whey Proteins are commonly recommended to skinny guys looking to gain fat, muscle or both. Either way, it is important to know what sets them apart, to achieve your desired goals. 

Mass Gainer, as the same suggests, is great for someone who wants to gain weight really quickly and is comfortable with a fair share of fat along with muscle. Whey Protein on the other hand, is ideal for those who are looking to gain muscle at a regular pace, while maintaining that lean physique. 

Here’s some insight into which one would be ideal for you:

What is Mass Gainer?

Mass gainers are supplements with a blend of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, aimed at increasing muscle mass and weight. Mass gainers assist in creating a surplus of calories in the body, a vital component to weight gain. You will often find Mass Gainers being referred to as Protein powders by regular consumers.

How this cocktail of carbs, fat and protein works is:

– Carbs act as the desired energy source for the body

– Fats provide the highest calorie/gram which aids weight gain

– Proteins convert the gained mass into muscle

Why should you take Mass Gainers?

1. High Caloric Content

In order to gain weight, your body needs to be in a surplus of calories, which is exactly what protein powders enable. If you are someone who finds it difficult to eat too many calories or calorie-laden meals, mass gainers are ideal to gain weight.

2. Rich in Protein

To gain muscle and bulk up, protein is crucial. Mass gainers, rich in protein and hence called protein powders, help the body convert mass to muscle and result in bulky looking physiques. Protein powder come with an average of 30-60gms of protein per serving, making it easy for skinny guys to get their calorie surplus along with the required protein to gain muscle mass.

3. Fuel to Train

When working out, the body normally burns carbohydrates for energy. Rich in carbohydrates, mass gainers act as the perfect pre and post-workout supplement, giving the body the carbohydrates required to train optimally, and then replenishing the lost energy and recover fully post workout. 

Why should you NOT take Mass Gainers?

1. Can give you digestive issues

Some of the most common side effects of consuming protein powder are diarrhea, cramping and bloating. Mass gainers can give you digestive issues if 

– your body finds it difficult to digest an excess of calories, which can cause gas and bloating

– you are lactose intolerant, which can cause serious side effects from the whey protein present in mass gainers

– your body finds it hard to digest sugar alcohols

– you choose one with high fiber content, which can be overwhelming for your body.

2. Liver & Kidney damage

Increased use of protein powder can cause an excess of protein in the body, which when not processed properly by the body, can cause dehydration, leading to friction between internal organs, especially the liver. Mass gainers can also cause kidney stones, which can be extremely painful.

3. Insomnia and Mental Health

Rich in caffeine, protein powders can cause neurological disturbances and insomnia when taken in large quantities. For the same reasons, it can also cause hormonal imbalances, cause mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

Which are some of the best Mass Gainers available right now?

For those, whose goals can be met via protein powders, can consider including these in their diet regime:

– Mettle Super Elite Gainer, available in strawberry, chocolate, cookies and cream, and banana flavors 

– MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer, available in chocolate flavor

What is Whey Protein?

Whey Protein is a powder supplements which are high in protein, but have zero to minimal fat and carbohydrate, supporting lean muscle gain, rather than weight gain. 

This is ideal for guys who want to bulk up while maintaining a lean physique. Those taking whey protein need to consume just enough calories to sustain energy levels in the body, instead of calories that can be stored and used later by the body.

Why should you take Whey Protein?

1. Excellent Quality Protein

Whey is the liquid that separates from milk during cheese production, making it the best, a complete and an easily digestible source of protein, containing all essential amino acids. 

2. Promotes muscle growth

Muscle mass is known to decline with age, leading to higher fat deposits and onset of chronic diseases. This process can be slowed down/prevented with a protein-rich diet and regular physical exercise. Whey protein is effective in preventing age-related muscle loss and for improved strength.

Why should you NOT take Whey Protein?

1. Kidney, Liver and Heart risks

Whey Protein, when consumed without consulting with your doctor, can heighten renal problems, heart arrhythmia and cardiac arrests, and hike in blood acidity levels.

2. Osteoporosis

Whey proteins have shown imbalances in mineral densities in users, which have resulted in depletion of bone health, resulting in osteoporosis.

3. Incomplete nutrition

Being low in calories and high in protein value, whey proteins need to be combined with adequate meals to ensure that the body gets an all-round nutrition.

Which are some of the best Whey Proteins available right now?

– MuscleBlaze

– Mettle

– Pure Nutrition

Mass Gainer or Whey Protein, which one should you pick?

Depending on your fitness goals, both are excellent choices. You could also combine both in order to meet your protein and calorie requirements, ensuring that you gain muscle, fat or both, as required by your body!

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