Masonic Knowledge: Facts About Women Freemasons

For years, there is a misconception that Freemasonry doesn’t recruit women in their organization. When you search for facts about the world’s largest fraternity, you see herds of famous men. Some people raise a question about the existence of women Freemasons. In general, building and masonic works are carried out by the masculine gender. This is the main factor that makes many believe in an organization without women. However, Freemasonry has been recruiting female candidates since the early 1800s. So far, several women groups are created with different degrees and ranks in the fraternity.


The Order of the Eastern Star
The OES was established to take in women who have relatives as Master Masons in the organization. In the beginning, the Order’s teachings used to focus on Old and New Testaments of Christian belief. Now, the tradition has changed by welcoming other religions rather than just the Christian community. According to the masonic belief, the greatest entity in the world is Supreme Being. This means women who follow any type of religion can get an opportunity to enroll in a masonic society. The ritual of OES is similar to the ceremonies of the Masonic lodge in terms of structure and the orders.


Eastern Star’s principal symbol
The Order of the Eastern Star is represented by the inverted stars with five points. The symbol indicates the power and virtue of women in the Bible and position in the order. In the star, the first point is Adah. The color of this point is blue and it represents obedience and virtue. The second point is Ruth with the yellow of the barley sheaf, symbolizing loyalty and religious principles. The third point Esther is white with a crown and scepter symbols, which indicates loyalty and courage. The fourth point is called Martha that has a green background with the emblem of a broken column. It is the symbol of endurance. Finally, Electa, the fifth point has a chalice with the red backdrop. It represents the importance of love and faith.


The Order of Women Freemasons
The Order has female members who are grouped into different craft lodges in the UK and other parts of the world. It is the largest Masonic organization for women that allows members to conduct their own conventions and meetings in temples owned by the men freemason Orders. Members of the Order actively involved in contributing money for supporting good causes.


Women who are interested in joining the Freemasonry can look for a relative or spouse who is close to the person. They can local lodges for further discussion or recruitment process for the membership.