Mascara. Which mascara is right for you and how to choose it?

What kind of mascara is in your makeup bag? Black? Yes, of course, black is very versatile, but you should still consider another option. Bronze or brown mascara looks more natural on redheads and blondes. And for women of age, gray or brown mascara is better suited, since with age, the eyelashes fade and begin to thin, and black mascara, emphasizing each eyelash, will look very unnatural.

So which mascara should you choose? The choice is huge now: curling, voluminous, lengthening, waterproof, healing … But such a variety is not suitable for every type of eyelashes. Therefore, when choosing mascara for yourself, base your choice on what type of eyelashes you have.

Lengthening mascara

The composition of this mascara contains components that are able to “build” your eyelashes. Such components include, for example, silk fibers. Such mascara will be a godsend for women with short eyelashes, but if a woman naturally has thin and long eyelashes, then lengthening mascara can create the effect of “glued spider legs”. It is better not to use lengthening mascara for women with long eyelashes when wearing glasses. If the eyelashes are naturally long, they will touch the lenses of the glasses and stain them.

Volume mascara

The volumizing mascara contains micro-beads of wax that can add volume to your lashes, making them fluffy and thickening the volume of each lash. Volume mascara works well for women with light, thin or thinning lashes. But its consistency is very thick, so it forms lumps more often than other types of mascara. This mascara should be changed more frequently than other mascara types.

Curling mascara

Creates the effect of curled lashes thanks to a special type of brush that curls each lash. Such a brush can curl even hard and straight eyelashes, making the look more expressive. You can apply this mascara after a volumizing or lengthening mascara, it will give long and fluffy lashes a beautiful curve.

Nourishing mascara

The nourishing mascara contains ingredients useful for lashes, such as keratin, proteins that can strengthen your lashes and have a beneficial effect on their condition. Use nourishing mascara after various diseases, with vitamin deficiency or just to nourish your eyelashes.

Mascara for sensitive eyes

Mascara for sensitive eyes should be used for various colds or when wearing contact lenses. On the bottle of mascara, there must be a note that this is mascara for sensitive eyes. The composition of such mascara contains a minimum of various flavors and preservatives that can irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes. You can use product like Senana Marina Mascara which won’t hurt you if you have sensitive eyes.


Healing mascara

Healing mascara is often referred to as “eyelash conditioner”. It has no decorative properties, therefore, medicinal mascara is produced in the form of a transparent gel containing castor oil, keratin, vitamins and other substances that can take care of your eyelashes, providing a healing effect on them. If your eyelashes fall out, then use medicated mascara as a base, and apply any other on it. 

Waterproof mascara

If you go in for sports, often visit the pool or just need to go somewhere in rainy weather, then waterproof mascara will be indispensable in such cases. The composition of this mascara contains various resins that can create a waterproof film on each eyelash. However, due to the content of a large amount of aggressive components in it, waterproof mascara is not recommended for women with especially sensitive eyes. Special tools are used to remove waterproof mascara, but if such a tool is still not at hand, then ordinary olive oil may well replace it.

After choosing the mascara that best suits your lashes, you need to properly apply it to them. Below are some tips to help you color your lashes correctly.

  • Any mascara should be applied to the lashes in two layers. When applying the first layer, you set the required volume and length for your eyelashes, and when applying the second layer, you fix the beauty of the eyelashes.
  • Start coloring the lashes at the base and move the brush horizontally and in a zigzag manner towards the tips. If you use volumizing mascara, then zigzag movements will help separate the cilia, and they will be much thicker at the roots. If you have lengthening mascara, zigzag movements will help stretch and comb your eyelashes. Immediately after the zigzag movements, the eyelashes should be painted up as usual. When applying the second layer, paint the lashes only from the bottom up.
  • If your mascara is very thick, it is best to apply it in only one layer.
  • For correct and effective coloring of the eyelashes in the corners of the eyes, you need to open your eyes wide and apply mascara with the tip of a brush.
  • Lower eyelashes should only be painted in one layer, otherwise they may stick together.
  • To prevent mascara from drying out and deteriorating as long as possible, pick it up on the brush with screw movements, and not straight “up and down” . If you move the brush in a tube directly, then it is pushed into a lot of air, due to which ink quickly thickens, dries and spoils.
  • Remember to clean the neck of the ink tube with a dry cloth. If you do not do this, the  lid will not close tightly due to dried ink, and the  ink may deteriorate or dry out due to air getting inside. But even with very careful use, any mascara should be changed no later than after 3 months. During use, various bacteria accumulate inside the tube, which can cause unpleasant eye inflammation. And by this time, the mascara is already beginning to dry out and lumps on the eyelashes.

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