Martin Key – The Incredible Journey to Success

One of the hallmarks of Martin key is the courage to be uncompromising. It is all about producing uncompromising leather products for uncompromising individuals. The brand’s use of design twists and choice of materials make its products extremely stylish and popular.

With determination, passion, and a clear vision, the brand’s founder, Martin, was able to combine a feeling for detail and craftsmanship into products, which show his wide spectrum of creativity. For Martin, being second-best is simply unacceptable. That is why he works tirelessly beyond limits that seem impossible to most people.

The Beginning

Having spent years as a designer at one of the best men’s clothing brands in Sweden and with more than ten years in the fashion industry, Martin decided to venture out on his own. Based on the experiences and inspiration he gained in the industry, he wanted to transform his vision into a unique fashion brand. This gave rise to Martin Key.

Martin Key’s team of experienced and highly skilled leather craftsmen hand-make all leather jackets and accessories. They make the jackets in their factory in Dalarna, Sweden, and the accessories in Stockholm. The only items that they do not make in Sweden are the shoes, which they make in Italy.

According to Martin, every product they make has a story to tell, the same as every person. As soon as you purchase one of their products, the two stories connect into one unique tale. Fashion is all about the choice of materials and design, and everything Martin does revolves around passion.

Without guts and determination, however, Martin would not be where he is today. Martin Key is an incredible designer, and his products reflect the remarkable journey that he has gone on to make and deliver them to a mass audience.


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