Martial Arts For The Brain

It is a proven fact that exercising and taking part in sports helps in improving one’s physical fitness. However, a lot of us just overlook the fact that these activities also help in relieving mental stress and improving our physical health. In particular, martial arts provides us with a comprehensive set of exercises that enable us to leave our everyday worries far behind. You can learn martial arts Melbourne to Sydney and Australia wide. It’s a great way to stay fit and healthy while improving your mental health and alleviating stress.


Researchers have spent a lot of time researching the advantages of sports, exercise, and martial arts on the mental health of people who implement such activities in their lives on a regular basis. The results showed that through exercising the brain releases chemicals that help keep it stable and healthy. While there are many forms of exercise, Martial Arts in particular is a fun way to strengthen your body, stay fit, get healthy, protect yourself, and clear your mind. Martial arts is also helpful in boosting your reflexes.


Martial arts has also proved to be helpful in improving attention. There are basically two ways to improve attention. One is attention training or AT and the other one is attention state training. Practising certain skills and getting better at them forms the basis of attention training. You can use brain training video games to improve attention with AT. AST is all about shaping your mind in a specific state. AST involves a stronger focus because of the involvement of a specific state of mind. The best way to practice AST is getting involved in exercises, martial arts, and meditation. 


Practising martial arts that are regarded as an effective form of AST has proved to be helpful in increasing alertness. Martial arts like Karate is also helpful in improving the capability of better performance with a divided attention task. This is because martial arts involves keeping two rules in mind and responding to a variety of auditory and visual signals. Children who learn martial arts between the age of eight to eleven years were found to have better self-control in heated situations. This calm state of mind and ability to handle stress effectively is something they gained in training. This also enabled them to respect other people and defend themselves against any kind of harm. This activity also reduced the aggression levels in them. They were also more likely to help others and protect them from bullying. 


However, this should be noted that self-control and anti-aggression behaviour is not limited to children only, adults can also take advantage of martial arts for this purpose. Martial arts are also helpful in reducing physical and verbal aggression in adults. Tai Chi which is also considered as one of the Martial arts emphasizes a lot on breathing control and meditation which is really helpful in controlling mental stress and aggression. Martial arts are also said to be effective for emotional wellbeing and physical health. It is also helpful in reducing depression levels and boosting self-esteem.