Marketing to help grow your business

It’s not enough to simply sell something and hope people will buy it. You need to know what it is consumers are looking for and from this, look to make sure you know you are in a clear position to know people are able to find your offering. This is key regardless of if you have a product business or service business. All businesses can for sure take good note of this very point.

You need to work out your overall and wider growth goals

If you only have time to sit down and do one thing, please let it be this. Define your small business’ growth goals. It’s really hard to implement small business growth marketing agency strategies if you don’t know the why behind them. Are you looking to sign with two new big buyers? Want to find a distributor in a new region? Hoping to open a new location? Thinking about expanding into another product or service line? Whatever it is, give it a name, and give it a timeline. When you know why you’re marketing, you’ll know how to grow your small business with marketing.

In further detail

Just defining your goals can have a massive impact on how you’re finding customers. Also on how your sales team is selling projects, and more. So, before you even get to the work of marketing, decide what your goals are and share them. Even if you have a small office of 5 people, when everyone knows what the goals are, they’re much easier to work towards.

It is always going to be key for you to be on the web

As a small business, your website is likely the first interaction a potential customer will have with your company. Even if you have a brick and mortar location, people are likely to look you up online before they actually stop in. So, your SMB website has to look good, and for the purpose of growing your small business, it needs to work well too.

Have a good and clear tactical plan

The crux of marketing a small business, as I’ve already mentioned, is making time to put in the work. If you’re like many other small businesses, you’re short-staffed, and most people on your team wear many hats. No one has time to learn how to set up a complex Google Ads campaign. Or have the time to figure out the inner workings of Instagram Reels. Take whatever time you have, whether it’s 5 hours a month or 5 hours a week. From here, put it to the tactics that will deliver the greatest results. For example, if you’re setting aside 5 hours a month to your marketing efforts, building out a complex email workflow is not the best use of your time.


People think a lot of things about marketing, but an unsexy truth is that consistency is what gets results. Sure, you can invest in all kinds of flashy ad campaigns. Also on a bright and shiny new website. Also on cute imagery for your social media accounts. But none of it is going to work if you don’t put in the time, and seriously stick with it. If you’ve decided that all you have time for right now is to focus on your website, that’s great. Now put in a set amount of hours per week, month, or quarter, on your website. Just be sure to do what you can as and when you can and you can be sure too of some good success too.