Marketing Materials: The Bare Necessities

Even the best marketing plan needs visual support from time to time. Customers don’t have the imagination to project an image of your product as a part of their future success.

You’ll need marketing materials to make your pitch come to life. Make sure your business has the bare necessities to wow clients throughout the year. 

Startup Marketing Materials

Most small businesses start with a brand package once their logo is created. This branded identity includes a basic package of marketing materials you’ll later have printed.

These materials don’t create new business, but they show a professional brand image. The purpose of this first string of marketing materials is to set your business apart from mom and pop shops.

Here the items included with startup brand identity packages.

Business Cards

Every business owner needs a business card. Gone are the days when you could simply meet a person and expect them to remember your name.

Business cards are here to stay even in the digital age. People often take business cards, scan them into an app and store them on a phone or computer.

Your card needs to have the basics in order to promote your business in as many ways as possible. Include your web address, phone number, mobile number, and social media channels.

Having all these items in hand, a potential client can access your information with no problem. If you’re a business with a brick and mortar location, you should also include your physical address.

Some companies opt to put a slogan or business description on a card. This is a great idea if you have the space available.

Business descriptions help them understand why they have your card in the first place. They probably won’t remember you, but they’ll remember your business if there’s a description underneath. 

Consider also adding a blank space where a person can write a note about how they met you on the card. 


One of the most overlooked marketing materials is company letterhead. Since it doesn’t drive sales, many people think letterhead is something their small business should skip.

But you’ll need letterhead to maintain a professional appearance on official communication. For example, if you’re responding to a government or notice from a financial institution, company letterhead is often required.

Some vendors use letterhead as verification of your company identity. It’s not going to win you customers necessarily, but it does give you access to more tools to run your business more smoothly. 

Get enough letterhead to last you at least 18 months when starting out. 


Branded envelopes are optional when starting a business. Often, branded envelopes fail to stand out among unsolicited items. 

You don’t want your marketing materials to come across as spam, but it is nice to have the option to send a thank you note to a client on your own stationary.

Get a small batch of logo envelopes to keep on hand for special occasions. 

Specialty Marketing Materials

Specialty marketing materials are those you use to help you earn new business. They’re the marketing materials you want to impress you clients when they review them.

Here’s a few examples of specialty marketing materials. 


We want to be a paperless society but it’s not always feasible. With so many Americans on so many different devices, it’s impossible to tailor a digital presentation to their specific needs.

Enter the presentation folder. Presentation folders are an amazing option to package your sell sheets for project. Presentation folders should include a pocket for documents and a slit for business cards. 

Make sure you choose a heavy paper so that they documents inside don’t easily bend. A colorful, high quality folder is a highly valuable tool for clients if it’s filled with relevant information.

Avoid including fluff materials in your presentation folder. It’s just another form of spam that’ll turn off your clients costing you credibility.

Use your presentation folder for its intended purpose. If the meeting you’re having is a pricing meeting, there needs to be information about pricing in the folder.

The folder is a leave behind that’s intended to follow up on the information you discuss in your presentation. Clients use it while they consider your request and whether its a good idea to move forward with doing business with you.

Promotional Items

Hand sanitizer, pens, notepads and other promotional items are a great way to get your brand in front of potential clients. These marketing materials are used at events or conferences where attendees have an overwhelming number of companies to choose from.

Choose marketing materials that are unique so you don’t risk getting overlooked. Some companies use promotional items to send to clients as thank you gifts.

All the creative uses you can think of are great options for promotional items. The trick is in the presentation.

Never send a notepad or pen alone. Pair it with an item the client really wants to grab their attention.

Make sure your gift comes with a personalized note that explains why you chose this gift. Thoughtfulness is memorable.

Forcing unwanted items on clients is not.

Custom Marketing Materials

It should go without saying that all of your marketing materials should be customized. There’s no point in sending out generic materials that don’t reflect the personality of your brand.

You’ll gain more respect from customers when you carefully select marketing materials that are a resource for them rather than just another item to clutter their workspace. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.