Marketing Automation Tools Every Fitness Studio Should Have

Running a gym takes outstanding client services, a steadfast fitness method, and well-chosen equipment and trainers. You want to focus on making your gym the best possible, and you shouldn’t forget that you will also need the best marketing. 

Before you can demonstrate excellence at operational aspects, you have to get the clients in the door. And yet, who has time to send marketing messages when they’re trying to run a gym, right? 

Purchasing gym sales software will provide you with a platform of tools to do marketing, tailored specifically to your industry. Here are a few of the things the program offers that can help you:

Analyze your Marketing Pipelines in One Place

Undoubtedly, to reach as many clients as possible, you’re advertising on all of the major web platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads – and then you might be sending postcards or e-mails on top of that. It’s hard to know how many clients you’ve captured without running analytics. Gym sales software will show you these analytics from one central location, letting you view them without switching tabs. You can also customize inputs into marketing reports for snapshots of your marketing results.

See Which Market Strategies Work Best for Each of Your Gyms

Gym sales software lets you sort your insights and analytics across your gym locations and customer segments. You’ll be able to view where your current recruitment strategies are working best and tailor your strategy to other places where a refreshed outreach plan might work better.

Market to New and Existing Clients

The software can help you market to new and existing clients. You might want to run a campaign for a new program or encourage clients that already use the gym equipment to sign up for classes. All of these functions are not only possible, but you can automate your marketing funnels to reach out to clients at the right times through a variety of methods.  Instead of one or two campaigns that automate a few e-mail messages, you can set up multiple campaigns to follow-up with prospective clients, celebrate member milestones, and advertise club challenges.

Manage Each One of Your Members in One Program

You consolidate all of the ways you’ve reached out to one member and see your phone inquiries, emails, and social media outreach to individual clients. You can track conversations across channels and automate responses to messages. The gym sales software will track individual members from marketing and outreach, through fitness programs, and into sales and billing, keeping all of their information in one central location.

Gym Sales Software Will Give You an Edge

Gym sales software will give an edge to your marketing campaigns and can serve to show your professionalism and effectiveness as a client’s first view of how you run the rest of your gym. Your prospective and existing clients will see that your marketing campaigns apply to them and their lifestyle and feel that your gym really speaks to their interests and can add value to their fitness routines. Start with gym sales software to put your business on the path to success.  

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