Marketing as a main business service

Business service marketing is the act of selling an intangible product to a specific audience using various advertising techniques. Business services describe an experience or type of assistance offered as the main commodity of a company. Trust is one of the main building blocks of service marketing. When marketing a product, your main selling point is the product itself. There is so much to marketing when it all comes down to it all in all.

Some key points

Perhaps the most critical mistake service vendors can make is to utilize the same techniques used to advertise businesses with products. If you’re trying to convince a customer to buy your service, the golden word you need to keep in your mind is ‘trust.’ When it comes to marketing a service, consumers need to be assured. This is of the fact that they can rely on you. This is since a service can’t be returned if it turns out to be faulty. If things go awry, the initial investment that the customer made goes stale. Also, any chances of fostering a healthy customer-supplier relationship go to waste.

To prevent angry customers from ruining any glimmer for your organisation, be prepared. Do so to make it in the services industry. Also, try to instil in your mind the fact that service-based businesses require different marketing strategies. Moreover, aside from the regular 4P’s of marketing (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion), service-based businesses require 3 additional components. These are People, Physical Evidence, and Process.

It is key for you to have a clear message

While coming up with ideas to market a services business, try to be as clear as possible with the message that you’d like to convey. When it comes to selling services, many business owners and marketers find themselves surrounded by an arsenal of ideas and perspectives, which leads them to fail to commit to one. The most important advice a service-vendor could get is to choose a simple yet clear message to send through a marketing campaign. An essential aspect of your marketing campaign should be to create a vivid experience for any potential consumer.

To indulge an individual in experiencing the service you offer, try creating adverts that highlight how your service works to alleviate pain points, and offer comfort. The primary challenge for you as the service vendor lies in creating a convincing experience that captures the attention of any prospects immediately. Once the message is decided on most service-vendors utilize a variety of marketing techniques to promote their content, which focuses on turning prospects into customers.


To demonstrate what it means to make your service-centric business stand out, let’s consider an example. Imagine a man named X, who’s in dire need of marketing services to promote his content. However, after going through countless websites and testimonials, X proceeds to do the job himself, since nothing he came across had grabbed his attention. Unfortunately, most customers share the same plight as X. This is with too many services being marketed. All in the same boring and predictable way. With that being said, most service-vendors find it challenging to distinguish themselves from their competition. This is when a thorough self-analysis comes in handy.

Service-based businesses should compare themselves with their competitors’ marketing strategies. They should also devise a list of differences that make them stand out the most. Later on, a service-centric organization should base their primary marketing message around what sets them apart from the competition. Using the medium of video can also set you apart. This is all while increasing revenue. This is since many consumers prefer quick videos, instead of reading a brochure.

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