Marketing as a key service

Services marketing is a form of marketing businesses that provide a service to their customers use to increase brand awareness and sales. It’s the key aspect of what a company is selling. When selling a physical product, a service helps provide sales and increase customer interest and to further get your name more and more out there to the masses.

Promotional tactics

Once you have created your marketing strategy, you must then decide what to do. In this sense which marketing activity or activities will ensure your target market know what you have. This is all about the products or services you offer, and why they meet their needs.

There are many ways to achieve this. This is such as various forms of advertising, exhibitions, public relations, digital marketing and an effective ‘point of sale’ strategy. Try to limit your activities to those methods you think will work best with your target market. Do so as a means to avoid spreading your budget too thinly.

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluating how effective your strategy has been is a key element, yet often overlooked. This control element not only helps you see how your strategy is performing in practice, it can also help inform your future marketing strategy.

A simple approach is to ask each new customer how they heard about your business. Deeper analysis can come from questionnaires, focus groups and examining customers’ online behaviour.

Marketing plan

Once you have decided on your marketing strategy, draw up a marketing plan that sets out how you intend to execute that strategy and evaluate its success. The plan should be constantly reviewed and, if necessary, updated so you can respond quickly to changes in customer needs and attitudes in your industry and in the broader economic climate. 


Service marketing is a strategy which promotes and showcases the intangible benefits. Also to the offerings delivered by a company to drive end customer value. This can be for standalone service offerings or complementary services to tangible products. Service marketing is a concept which focuses mainly on the business of non-physical intangible goods. It is done for company given benefits which cannot be seen, touched, felt etc. These are benefits which are driven mostly by people, process and also cannot be kept by a customer.