Marketing agencies in London – choosing the best teams for the job

Agencies will specialise in different areas of marketing, so think about what it is you need to achieve. For example, is your website your main asset or do you have something else in mind too? Have a good think over this. It is for this reason that marketing agencies opt to employ expert marketers, in their respective fields, in order to deliver for them in and on key projects. Agency teams can learn your brand and dedicate time to its marketing strategy, but they also have other clients and their own marketing needs so there are also ways they can carry over this such learning into your project too.

Did you realise that this service is in fact free?

Digital marketing is free. What you need more than anything is time. Time to write blogs, time to post them in the right place for the right people to see. Time to monitor your results. And not just blog posts. The same goes for any content, social media, etc. You need to know what to write. And how to optimise it. And when to post so it’ll be seen by the most people. Also, you need to do this regularly, month after month. Digital marketing is free. But for it to work you need time and consistency. And that’s where a good marketing agency in London can help.

Trust is vital

Digital marketing is continuously changing, so it’s natural that strategies will change over time. Do you trust your agency to keep up, while keeping you informed? Along the way, your relationship will be tested and it’s essential that you know you can overcome difficult moments through open communication. Can you trust them when things go wrong? Will unexpected invoices hit your inbox? When deadlines are fast approaching and something’s not right, can you count on honesty, even if what they say is the last thing you want to hear?

They need to be 100% open with you

Transparency plays back into trust. For example, the question of pricing must be clarified up front. It’s no secret that some companies will tell you what you want to hear just to win the contract, so be wary of this. Starting a relationship with a lie speaks to the likelihood of further deceptions down the line. You’d be working on shaky foundations.


Aimlessly running any marketing campaign without a strategy or delivering content (regardless of how impressive it is) without SEO is a recipe for failure. You’re an expert at what you do. The right marketing agency is expert at taking what you’re great at and bringing it to the right people. Repeatedly. In your head think about all of this. Also have a good and thorough think how you and your business will be able to run their marketing in line with an agency too.