Market for Web Applications

The market for global web applications is expected to reach $10,149 million by 2027, according to a survey, rising at an estimated 32 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Angular, Cloud Four, Inc, DockYard, Inc, Enonic AS, Evan You (Vuejs), Facebook Inc. (React), GoodBarber, Google Developers (Chrome DevTools, Lighthouse, Workbox), Hidden Brains InfoTech, IBM Corp., Ionic, Kreyon, Microsoft, among others, are some of the players operating in the market for progressive web apps.

4 billion people around the world are hooked up to the internet, of which 3.5 billion are those who use smartphones, a study in 2018 said. It is estimated that this number will reach 7 billion by 2023. With over 2.9 million smartphone apps on the Google Play Store, we all know-how popular mobile apps have been in recent years.

Seeing the above estimates, it can easily be expected that in the coming years the market for web applications would only grow larger and larger, indicating that there will be increased demand for web application development services. Businesses like to have their own web apps developed from start-ups to large companies, increasing the market for providers of web application development services. I’ll address in this article how web applications can improve internal business processes and which company you can select for the creation of web applications.

How Web Applications Can Streamline the Internal Business Processes?

  1. Time Management: Gone are the days when businesses used to maintain a pile of files and paperwork in workplaces, this practice is not only effort-consuming but also leaves businesses vulnerable to possible human errors. Since the trend of digital transformation has taken the global industries by storm, every business likes to save both time and human effort to utilize them somewhere else that is more important and linked with the core purpose of the business. With web applications, both time and human effort can be minimized up to a great extent.


  1. Added Security: Desktop-based applications are vulnerable to many malicious and harmful malware and somehow if a virus gets the better of your computer system, it’s a very complex task to get it fixed. Web-based applications (because they save data on cloud servers) are more practical and easy on the hands. Web-based applications run and store data that is connected with a remote server, so there are very few chances of your data getting malicious files into it.


  1. Compatibility with Other Devices: Data within web applications can easily be customized for multiple devices without having to change much in it. Every device that has access to the web application gets a customized version of that content. This feature makes web applications user-friendly since the display of information for every user can be altered accordingly.

Companies to Look for Web Application Development Services:

Before getting into a deal with a web application development services provider, make sure that company has the following features.

  1. Research & Infrastructure: In recent years the software development industry has undergone a lot of changes that have made it the most competitive market. It is necessary for companies to keep pace and to continue to work strongly in research. For businesses to thrive and succeed, proper research on the new technology, its advantages and drawbacks are obligatory until they can adapt to this technology.
  2. Related Experience: You should perform proper market analysis and look for a company with relevant business experience before you enter into a contract with a software development company. Research reveals that many software development projects fail due to the software developer’s incompetence.
  3. Skilled in-house Staff: You should also ensure that the company has an in-house expert team of web application developers, designers, and QA managers in conjunction with industry expertise. Companies with specialist teams for each project implementation team are more likely to win over their rivals more projects.
  4. Cost Efficiency: Working with a company that gives you full control over your project spending. Always compare the quality of services it’s providing to the amount of budget it’s charging. Some companies have fixed-budget model in-place that helps businesses to agree on a pre-finalized budget hence fixing the project scope and project deliverables.
  5. Hands-on Latest Technologies: Being a trustful software development company, a software development company should offer the latest and in-demand technologies to build your business web application and making them more effective and problem-solving. Using the right language and framework is of great importance for any app development project as it ultimately decides the future of a project.
  6. Skilled and Dedicated Team: Every business wants to have a reliable and a highly-skilled software development team (either in-house or offshore). A company that has special teams of developers, designers, project managers, and QA managers that embark on every project with enthusiasm, can be the best choice for your business to partner with. Partnering up with such a team can boost the morale and energies of the whole crew.
  7. Innovation: Innovation is the key to survive and thrive in this age of great competition. SoftCircles believes in innovation and helps businesses to innovate their business processes with the development of a seamless and beautiful web application.

Some Amazing Ideas for Web Application Development in 2021:

Since the market for web applications is on a rise, I have researched and compiled a list of 6 in-demand and trending web application ideas that can prove to be promising for existing businesses to start earning a passive income or can either be transformed into a startup business idea.

  • Affiliate Marketing Platforms
  • CRM Systems
  • E-commerce Stores
  • Blogging Website
  • Video Tutorial Platform
Wrap Up?

I hope the above article answers your maximum questions when it comes to finding the right web developer.

If you are looking to get a robust web application developed, you can consider SoftCircles – a US-based web application development company that is operating since 2012. You can take the estimate and scope of your project by talking with one of their business development executive.