Mark Roemer Oakland Presents Easy and Affordable Ways to Use Lemons Around the House


You don’t just make lemonade when life gives you lemons. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, there are plenty of amazing uses for lemons. You can use it for food, drinking, cleaning, beauty, and more. Let’s check out some of the easy and affordable ways to use lemons around the house:

The Ways

1. Air freshener – Irrespective of the marketing jargon they say on ads or show on the label, commercial air cleansers aren’t safe for you. They contain toxic chemicals that affect you daily and show their ugly head after several years. Instead, you can switch to lemon air fresheners for a healthy and fragrant solution. Cut a couple of lemons into slices and simmer them in a pot along with water and cloves. This helps you to get rid of any bad odor in your home. You can also simmer it down even further, concentrate the extract and mix it with baking soda. Pour that into a spraying bottle and you can use it as an air freshener.

2. Remove stains – Stains are stubborn and you have a pretty hard time removing them from your fabrics. Lemon can help you get rid of that. Soak the affected area in lemon juice for an hour and then add a bit of moisture to that area. If the stain remains, you can make a paste of baking soda with water and scrub the soiled area gently. This should get rid of any coffee, tea, or fruit stains.

3. Clean surfaces – Lemon doesn’t just help you get rid of stains on fabrics but also lets you clean up several types of surfaces. You can use it to easily cut through grease and gunk in your microwave and your kitchen. Mix lemon juice with baking soda in a cup of water and it will also let you soften the hardened filth in your kitchen cabinets and ovens. After they soften up you can wipe them out and rinse the area with regular water to make it look brand new. You can also use it to cleanse your cutting board. It doesn’t just remove the stains on the board, but also removes the odor from aromatics like ginger and garlic.

4. Polish copper – Copper cookware, plates, or cutlery can easily get oxidized or tarnished over time. Lemon allows you to bring them back to their former glory with ease. Take coarse salt in a small dish, slice a lemon and dip half of it in the dish. Use the salt-dipped face of the lemon to rub over the copper surface. After some gentle rubbing, you would be able to see the glorious sheen once displayed by your copper vessel, cutlery, or any other products made of copper. You can even mix lemon with vinegar and olive oil to polish your furniture. 


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you try out these inexpensive tips at your home. Lemon is an incredible fruit that allows you to do much more than advertised. So, be sure to put it to good use.