Marion Julius In The Corporate World

For many years Marion Julius has worked in corporate offices doing a 

variety of roles she tells us about her experiences and what kept her 

motivated whilst dealing with frustrated and angry customers. Working

to deadlines, managing tasks and getting those sales targets Marion 

has dealt with many people of all backgrounds. She tells us how 

each office environment was similar or different as she worked in 

from small to medium and to even large offices. The companies, 

firms and organizations she had worked for over the years all taught 

her something. Marion says there are ways  that keep you motivated in an office she finds that doing some form of exercise is generally a good 

thing. Whether that’s before or after work or maybe even in a lunch 

break she also says there are ways to keep you happy at work by 

having something that inspires you at your desk. For her that 

would be a L. Ron Hubbard inspiring quote she’d place at her 

work station and also had a STAR WARS mug there. Office work 

can be stressful but not for Marion who would enjoy their free 

complimentary massages which the offices would give to staff. Marion

says “most offices I worked for in Australia were really good as they 

had everything the gym, the cafe, the relaxing rooms and much more. 

I was always spoilt no matter where I went.” The offices Marion 

worked for had great incentives and she tells us how her experiences 

were all positive. Having worked for many different industries Marion 

tells us that she felt that ongoing training is very important most 

places just do training when people start then it stops. This is 

helpful because people tend to either forget how to do things or they

make mistakes and it causes problems. They lack something so they

cannot make sales or perform well offices can be boring at times so 

there needs to be something exciting close by or inside. The office 

environments need to have an exciting energy to keep people interested 

in doing their work. The corporate culture and their vision, mission and 

values plus their team spirit and support to work colleagues plays a 

big part in the corporate world. Keeping people happy and so they 

stay not leave generally people leave a job because there’s something 

not right so its good to have people of all levels be happy so that the 

work can get done.