Marinda Balakly’s ‘Tiny Toddler’, an online baby product store is bringing smiles through its philanthropic initiatives.

There are many initiatives taken by businesses across the world which are targetted at helping those in need. Be it CSR activities or donating a part of their revenues, they have indeed gone a step ahead in helping charities that work for various causes. Amongst the many businesses that work with the sole aim of providing support to the needy is Marinda Balakly’s baby products selling online shop – ‘Tiny Toddler’, whose objective is to support various charities that are dedicated for the welfare of children.

The story of ‘Tiny Toddler’ dates back to the time when its founder Marinda Balakly in spite of four years of her marriage was unable to conceive a child. After going through a series of tests and going through all possible methods which could help them fulfill their dreams, she finally conceived and gave birth to a baby. The happiness was short lived though, as the baby was stillborn shattering Marinda and her husband’s hearts. “those were the worst days of my life as all I did was cry for hours together which got me into depression. I had no clue of what the future held for us and the thought was eating me inside out. Seeing my partner doing all he could to make things better broke my heart even further, and I was completely clueless.”

Losing no hope they didn’t give up their dream of having a child and visited an orphanage to spend some time with the kids there, and surprisingly they both fell in love with the little world occupied by the tiny tots housed there. They prolonged their stay as they found inner happiness by sharing their joy with the kids out there. Her husband suggested adopting a baby girl as Marinda was in awe of the little kid and was at her happiest in her company. She says, “though we had almost decided to adopt the little angel, hearing stories about other abandoned kids broke our hearts and finally we decided to take care of all kids and then started our weekly visits at the orphanage getting a surprise gift for every child to get back a beautiful smile and loads of love and affection in return.” All was well until Marinda realized that being a housewife she cannot afford to carry on these weekly activities as her financial condition didn’t permit her to do so.

There needed to be a solution to solve this problem, and after much thinking she zeroed on an idea of launching a online baby product store which would help in organizing the weekly activities that she had started and could no longer continue due to financial constraints. Finally, in 2017, she established her online brand ‘Tiny Toddler’ with a team of thirty professionals. Her dreams were big and her confidence rock solid, and this made her expand her business by building warehouses in the USA and Europe. Today, Malinda is able to buy her weekly gifts every week apart from supplying essentials which are needed by the orphanage. Apart from taking care of the orphanage, she donates 25% of the businesses revenue to charities across the globe which support orphans, abandoned kids and needy families. Malinda has indeed done a splendid job by establishing this venture which is dedicated solely for the welfare of children.

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