Mariah Soto launches her first nft collection

Mariah soto born 09/05/1996 I am white and Mexican I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was in college for nursing and phlebotomy and graduated in 2019. I also was a life guard for 5 years and saved 22 kids lives in that time frame from drowning. I have 4 other siblings and I am the oldest I grew in foster care and eventually got into cryptocurrency and was able to afford a way to move out of that lifestyle into Miami to start my career. All I had was a back pack and a car and everything i wished has came true. This Nft Collection is for all my fans and people who support me you can connect with me through being a holder of my NFT. Exclusive meet and greet to my top value NFT holders and meany more benefits join the the discord today and say Hi thank you guys so muchhh!!

Mariah soto
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