Map enforcement software

We provide a software to protect against resellers etc on Amazon, ebay and other online portals. So you can check and get details about sellers of a product or service before you pay, you can be notified via e-mail or text of any unusual activity or a seller that fails to meet agreement. This way you don’t need to worry about buying a faulty product or selling item you weren’t expecting. Check with their Legal Department or the seller’s page if they meet their agreement or if you have any further questions.

MAP monitoring solution has become the need for online marketplaces and stores. With the assistance of MAP software, you can protect your site and shoppers from any damage by small parties.

MAP programs are also known as virtual map software and border control software. The MAP industry has grown in recent years as more of the e-commerce stores, including popular online marketplaces and shops, have developed advanced anti-counterfeit policies.

It is because of online map monitoring solution that you can find any duplicate items and make any report on the theft of the product. You can also find many scammers which have deceived the website owners. Once your online marketplace is protected with our MAP monitoring solution you can protect all your customers from any counterfeit products and avoid any kind of troubles.

Just like every product that costs anything on Amazon, and eBay, when a vendor purchases a product with an order they have to pay for it. But in case there is any case with a buyer the owner has to get him to pay it and Amazon has agreed to pay for it. But some sellers want to make more profit from their products by returning the products and getting the money from customers. This is why Amazon and eBay have many contracts that every seller must follow.

But if there is any kind of problem that has happened to Amazon or eBay and has resulted in negative effect on the business owners, then the company has to pay for the problem and costs of the problem.

Amazon ebay is a good source for getting real products, and most websites listed above do provide some sort of tool to check for sellers that don’t deliver. However, the main concern is that the information is generally not easily accessible, especially on a product or product category level. So, our software helps the people making purchases to make more informed decisions, and to stay safe from scams.

We provide a web application and a mobile application for Android and iPhone, to review product details, see online reviews, track shipments or save them to your shopping cart. We have plugins to help you with more complex scenarios or features that require a user to login or sign-in for additional privileges.

The Web application checks product information, product availability and readies your shopping cart, when the phone application detects a change of inventory, the software will send you an e-mail notification, you can go to the shop if necessary to make your order. The mobile application monitors real-time inventory, can send you alert about a stock out and send follow-up emails if stock is replenished.

We also provide analysis reports, such as a store profile with sales history and reputation, pricing graph, customer reviews, an image of a product that indicates its class (pc, mobile, TV or tablets) and many more. You can also search by keywords or brands you might want to search.

Here is some sample use-case scenario: You’re shopping for a coffee maker. You go to Amazon to see all the different brands, before you place the order, you will be notified via the application if there is a brand that provides the same model. You can go ahead to the respective website and look at the details, with the mobile application you can verify the model, price, features and compare them to the description on Amazon. When you found the right model, you can place your order on Amazon and you will be notified via e-mail or text if your shipping address is changed or if the product is shipped. The mobile application is sent a notification that will allow you to cancel the order if the product isn’t available anymore. map enforcement software