Many Man Utd stars are afraid of C.Ronaldo’s “rage”

According to a source from Dafabet, many Man Utd players were afraid of C.Ronaldo’s reaction if they made a mistake or didn’t pass the ball.

  • The match between Aston Villa and Man Utd in round 22 of the Premier League will take place at Villa Park at 00:30 on January 16.

It is a fact that C.Ronaldo is really suffering from “culture shock” in his second return to Man Utd. That made the striker react when things didn’t go his way. CR7 is said to want to use his experience to convey to young players but realize that they do not want to listen to him.

Many Man Utd stars are afraid of C.Ronaldo’s wrath – 1
Many Man Utd players have psychological problems when playing next to C.Ronaldo.

Even the “enthusiasm” of C.Ronaldo is causing many stars of Man Utd to show fear. They fear the reaction of the Portuguese superstar if he makes a mistake or does not pass the ball to this player.

This creates fear for many Man Utd players when standing with C.Ronaldo in the squad. Because of that, they may not be able to bring out their full potential.

On the other hand, it is true that C.Ronaldo is not used to the sluggishness and lack of vitality of Man Utd at this time. As a young player, CR7 had to get used to the intense training session under Sir Alex Ferguson. To the point that the “tendon old man” had to repeatedly interrupt the training session for fear of injury.

However, such training sessions did not appear in Carrington these days. Even Man Utd’s coaching board wants everything to go smoothly, a little bit, instead of being as passionate as C.Ronaldo.

That makes superstar number 7 feel like this place no longer belongs to him. It is no coincidence that the Portuguese striker publicly criticized young Man Utd players in an interview on Sky Sports.

Many Man Utd stars are afraid of C.Ronaldo’s wrath – 2
C.Ronaldo got culture shock when he returned to Man Utd.

C.Ronaldo said: “Experienced players are always ready to help young teammates. However, even if I give advice but you can’t apply it every day, it is very difficult.

I could spend the whole day sharing with someone, but if they don’t put their heart into the story, progress is impossible. I remember, when I was 18, 19, 20 years old, I met my big brothers to talk.

At that point, I always said to myself: “Cristiano, you need to improve! Big brothers have experience, they’ve fought more battles than you and have been through worse things than you. Therefore, they will have you many useful tips.

But at this point, there are a few young people who don’t accept that. They even hold a grudge if you criticize them. I am not saying specifically that these are young Manchester United players, but in general. I have children so I understand many things.

Sometimes when you are a little more difficult, they do the opposite of what you say. So you also have to find the right words to say to them. But in my opinion, the key is still whether the person wants to learn or not.

You should be proud of yourself and look in the mirror and say to yourself: “Listen to everything. I can do anything”. I think we should gradually learn that. The new year has come, it is necessary to accept new things, there are good changes. Otherwise, we may face nightmares.

I am ready to help young players if they need advice or assistance. But if you don’t need help, do your job well. Look at yourself and do your best to help the team.”

According to the latest information, C.Ronaldo suddenly left the Carrington training ground early in yesterday’s training session because of a thigh injury. The possibility of this player participating in the match against Aston Villa in the match at 00:30 on January 16 is still open.