Manufacturer of Quality PU Leather Seat Covers, Qualified for Export

PU leather upholstery is widely used to replace real leather upholstery for sofas, office chairs, dining room chairs, car seats, etc. Quality PU leathers are produced in reputable factories that meet standards. 

Information about PU leather

PU leather has many applications. In addition to the seat cover, it is also used to sew shoes, wallets, and bags, … So do you know what PU leather is or not?

What is PU leather?

PU leather has the English name Polyurethane Synthetic Leather. It is an artificial leather made from a combination of resins. PU is an acronym for Polyurethane. PU leather layer is produced by embossing technology. The product made has elasticity and skin textures like real leather, is durable when used for a long time.

PU leather was born quite early, in the 15th century, in 1400. The “ancestor” of this leather is parasol fabric. Going through many tests increases the durability and performance of the product. The chemicals are combined together to form the Polymer skin line. This is the origin of the popular PU leather line being used today.

Features of PU leather

PU leather has outstanding characteristics that are appreciated by industry experts. Featured as:

  • “Appearance” is like real leather.
  • The delicate leather lines are no different from genuine leather.
  • There are a variety of colors and designs to choose from.
  • Soft, thin, light, elastic, easy to design and shape application products.
  • Good waterproof, durable to use.
  • The surface is smooth, smooth, less dirty, convenient to clean.
  • The price is much cheaper than real leather.
  • Pu leather covers all kinds of sofas

Application of PU leather seat cover

PU leather has many applications in life. In addition to making fashion clothing products, sewing wallets, sewing bags, sewing backpacks, sewing shoes, … The product is also used to cover sofas, car seat covers, yacht seat covers, interior upholstery of all kinds of furniture. other loss. PU leather seat cover is one of the popular applications of the product in the interior design and decoration industry.

Price PU leather seat cover wholesale and retail

The price of PU leather seat cover is cheaper than real leather. But, each type of PU leather with different production standards will have different cheap prices. There is no one universal price for PU leather. The leather is manufactured meticulously with strict inspection standards, can resist mildew well, and meets export standards, the price is not cheap. The price will match the quality of the product.

Wholesale PU leather has a different price than retail PU leather. And this price is also different from buying PU leather from the manufacturer directly. The price of PU leather seat covers is usually more wholesale than retail. Agents and distributors will consider the price of the order according to the quantity requested by the buyer. To buy quality PU leather seat cover at a good price, you should contact reputable dealers and distributors.

Also, if you need PU leather in bulk, you should contact the manufacturer directly to get a better price. PU leather will be produced according to order requirements. There are parameters of quality standards in accordance with the needs and purposes of use.

Manufacturer of quality PU leather upholstery, meeting export standards. You want to find a professional and reputable PU leather upholstery manufacturer. Yan Chuang Leather is the perfect choice. This is a company of Yan Chuang Leather with more than 20 years of experience. As the leading PU leather manufacturer in China. The company’s products are highly appreciated for their types, designs, colors, and quality.

The company has a system of modern machinery and technology with skilled production technicians. The production process is according to ISO standards with international certificates of product quality. PU leather of Yan Chuang is of good quality, resistant to mildew, and qualified for export to fastidious markets such as the US, Canada, European countries, and Australia; some other Asian markets such as Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, …

With many years of reputation in the market, Yan Chuang Leather is a reliable partner. The company produces PU leather lines with available designs. Products ensure standards with outstanding features, suitable for the needs and purposes of each customer partner.

Please contact Yan Chuang Leather immediately for specific advice.

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