Manuel Di Geronimo Shares Why He Entered The Digital World While Being An Athlete

Manuel Di Geronimo

Manuel Di Geronimo has done something that only a few people can manage to do. Based in Italy, Manuel is an athlete of Spartan Race and a successful digital entrepreneur at the same time. Is that even possible? you may ask! Well, it is possible if you ask him.

Ask Manuel why he chose to be a digital entrepreneur while being an athlete, he says, “It all started from my love to stay connected with the people who follow me. I like interacting with people who follow me on social media and as I spent more time in the digital world, I discovered its potential. While harnessing the digital potential for my growth, I decided to help others in achieving growth as well. Right now, I am providing online coaching to numerous people and it’s nothing but satisfying.”

Manuel Di Geronimo is highly popular on social media and keeps on sharing his day to day life updates with his fans. Be it his family pics or those from his training, his followers love to get regular updates from him. Manuel enjoys an Instagram following of 35k approx.

But isn’t it difficult to strike a balance between two different worlds at the same time? Answering the question, Manuel says, “It’s a myth that participating in sports wastes your time. It actually makes you active and therefore you are able to perform better. I am participating in Spartan Races since 2012 and I train regularly for it. This has helped me stay fit and because of that, I am able to manage my time in a better way. I plan my day prior and complete the tasks accordingly. This helps me do everything I want to do in an efficient way.”

Notably, Manuel Di Geronimo has participated in more than 110 spartan races including 3 times in the European championship.