Manpower Outsourcing Services

The manpower outsourcing industry has shown steady progression in the past decade. Manpower outsourcing has been of immense assistance and benefit to MNCs and large international companies desirous of setting up their offices in India. The dynamic business environment in India has given tremendous boost and impetus to the growth and burgeoning of manpower outsourcing in India.

What is Manpower Outsourcing?

Manpower outsourcing is the process when a business organization enters into an agreement with a third party to hire manpower for different roles. It is significant to note that these employees hired would remain under the payroll of the third party while their roles and functions would be directly aligned with the business organization. 

What Manpower Outsourcing does?

It is significant to highlight that manpower outsourcing has stimulated the entry and growth of large business enterprises in India. Moreover, even start-ups and new ventures are increasingly adopting the practice of manpower outsourcing to focus their synergies on their business goals. Definitely, manpower outsourcing brings several benefits. 

Significance of Manpower Outsourcing in the Pandemic Period

Manpower outsourcing has become extremely vital and beneficial especially in the Corona world. As businesses tackle the changing working norms in the pandemic environment, it is expected that outsourcing is set to increase in the future. As a result, companies and new ventures are definitely going to opt for manpower outsourcing for temporary, contractual, project-based and freelance workers.

What are the benefits of Manpower Outsourcing?

Saves cost: Primarily, SMEs and large business enterprise hire a manpower outsourcing firm to save cost. The manpower outsourcing firm does recruitment, termination and performance management of employees on behalf of the company. Moreover, when companies plan to expand their business, manpower outsourcing provides immense assistance. 

Saves time: Manpower outsourcing takes charge of the entire recruitment process right from listing the vacancies to selection and then finally offering the letter of intent. All this helps the company to save time which is further utilised in other business activities.

Protection from litigation: The manpower outsourcing firm keeps itself updated with reference to the amendments and enactment of new labour laws in the country. As a result, it handles employee compensation and benefits, medical insurance, house rent allowance, and payroll computation—all in compliance with the laws of India. Hence, MNCs, large international business houses gain protection from all kind of legal hassles. 

Increases efficiency: By utilising the services of manpower outsourcing, companies happen to enhance their efficiency. Manpower outsourcing firms have proficient and experienced staff well-equipped to deliver satisfactory services to their clients. 

EasySource India Private Limited

EasySource India Private Limited has certainly emerged as a leader in the field of manpower outsourcing in India. It is an ISO 27001 certified company. The company has a client list spread across the Indian subcontinent, America and Europe. Easy Source India Private Limited received the prestigious Global HR Excellence Award 2021. The major highlights of manpower outsourcing services provided by EasySource India Private Limited are the following:

  • The company provides flexible customised manpower solutions including new hiring of employees and increase of existing manpower as per the requirement of the clients.
  • The company assures performance-based, operational expertise for managing all employee-related matters with full compliance.
  • The company has access to state-of-the-art web based analytics dashboard including automatic dashboards.
  • The company provides web-based payroll expertise comprising automated payroll systems with zero errors and transparency in payroll management.
  • The company provides mobile app- EZY for attendance, leave request, outdoor duty and so forth.
  • The company enjoys the presence of dedicated teams and account managers capable of providing smooth transition and dedicated customer support.
  • The company is capable of imparting training programmes to the new recruits and that too in consultation with the clients.
  • The company enjoys the presence of subject matter experts, advisors and consultants to facilitate the implementation of best practices as per the industry norms.
  • Most importantly, the company provides competitive pricing.

In simple words, EasySource India Private Limited is one-stop shop for manpower outsourcing. You will certainly relish and enjoy working with them!