Manny Showalter is on a Mission with The Showalter Foundation to Enlighten the Public on Teen Pregnancies

With the increase in the incidence of teen pregnancies, the need for sex education has significantly increased. This topic, which is still considered taboo, is often left undiscussed in families. Educational institutes have added sex education to their curriculum; however, talking about these topics in the family is still rare.

If we talk about statistics, every 1 out of 4 women becomes pregnant by 17 years of age in the US. Each day, approximately 1000 infants are born to teen moms. Studies have shown that babies born to teen mothers suffer more from medical issues, grow up in poverty, and are more likely to face domestic abuse.

All these issues call for a medium or a channel that fills the communication gap between parents and children on this topic. This is where “The Cookie,” a book written by Manny Showalter and Daylon Showalter based on the sex talk and sex prevention for young girls, can be used as a great parenting tool. We believe that this book will play a significant role in reducing teen pregnancy rates. The book is ideal for children, adolescents, and teen girls between the ages of 8-17 years old. “The Cookie,” a one-of-a-kind book, is written to prevent teen pregnancies by preventing sexual activity in underage girls. The book tells how they should wait until they are wiser and more mature to decide on sexual activity and pregnancy.

The authors wrote this book intending to promote healthy interaction between parents and their young daughters about sexuality-related issues. The book intends to bring parents and children on the same ground and allow them to talk comfortably about this presumed stigmatized topic. Studies show that children who are knowledgeable about these topics and are comfortable talking about these sexuality-related topics with parents are less likely to commit such acts when they are underage. At the same time, the lack of information poses a greater risk of having sexual intercourse, consequently leading to teen pregnancies.

The authors also requests the public to support the idea and build awareness about the issue. “We believe that every parent needs to communicate with their children on such topics. The book will act as a parenting tool that parents can read to their children and discuss sexual issues that teens face. Hence, we are raising funds to make the book available to every parent with a young daughter and save her from facing these issues. If anyone of you would like to donate, sponsor, or collaborate with us in spreading this powerful message, please get in touch with our fundraising team.” The author said.

The Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation has a mission to prevent teen pregnancy, child abuse, substance abuse, sex trafficking and teach and improve financial literary for teens and young adults. Children who learn about these topics earlier in life are likely to pass forward the knowledge to the next generations, and the process goes on. The foundation provides financial support to teenagers and youth prone to risk. You can join the foundation to make a difference.

When asked about the future plans regarding the book and the campaign, he said: “The Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation ( is trying to partner up with organizations like the Girl Scouts, Black Lives Matter, and MeToo Movement and will donate $2.50 from every book sold to their members. This will be a great fundraising opportunity for any organization that partners with our foundation. The website for the book is” He added that the book is the first book of this kind and does not contain anything explicit.

The author ended the event with a statement that promoted his other works in the same niche, including Life’s Blueprint Academy, Self-Made, and The Cookie Diary.


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