Manitoba Express Entry Pathway and Provincial Nominee Program Eligibility Criteria

Would you wish to live, work or study in Manitoba? Then you are not alone. Manitoba, a province in Canada, is one of the most favourite destinations for immigrants globally. And luckily, moving there has never been easier, thanks to the Manitoba Express Entry Pathway and Provincial Nominee Program.

Manitoba is located right at the centre of Canada. The province shares borders with Ontario and Hudson Bay to the east, Saskatchewan to the west, Minnesota and North Dakota to the south, and Nunavut province to the North.

It has the 3rd largest water coverage, with rivers and lakes taking up to 101,590 sq. km., an equivalent of 16.66.% of its total area.

Some of the reasons why immigrants love Manitoba are:

  • Its diverse cultures
  • Its indigenous heritage
  • Job opportunities
  • High-quality education
  • Affordability
  • Art
  • Sports
  • It’s the world polar bear capital
  • The northern lights
  • The waterfalls, and so much more

In short, Manitoba is a beautiful province and a perfect home for you and your loved ones. That said, if you want to settle in Manitoba, there are requirements you must meet to qualify.

Eligibility Requirements for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

Below are the requirements to qualify for the Manitoba PNP depending on the specific program you choose

Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

Again, the requirements here will vary depending on the immigration pathway

  1. Manitoba Express Entry Pathway
  • Age – 18 years and above
  • Work experience – minimum of 6 months working experience in one of the jobs in the In-Demand Occupations list
  • Educational Qualification – one-year post-secondary degree
  • Language skill – CLB/NCLC 7 for NOC level 0 or A. CLB/NCLC 6 for NOC level B
  • Settlement Plan – Must prepare a detailed settlement plan explaining how you intend to adapt to life in Manitoba.
    • Must provide proof of support by a close or distant friend or relative living in Manitoba for at least 1-year.
    • Or have a valid Invitation to Apply (ITA) issued by the MPNP
  • Settlement Funds – must provide proof of funds indicating that you are financially capable of living in Manitoba.
  1. Human Capital Pathway

Qualifications for the Human Capita Pathway are:

  • Education Qualification – one-year post-secondary course
  • Work Experience – Minimum of 6 months full-time employment in a job in the In-Demand Occupations list
    • Zero points for work experience less than 1 Year
    • Must submit a complete career plan
  • Age – 18 years. No age limit but no points for anyone above 45
  • Adaptability – proof of support by a friend or relative living in Manitoba for 1 Year and above or
    • Valid ITA issued by MPNP or
    • Five years of work experience in Manitoba or
  • Post-secondary degree in Manitoba in the last 5 Years
  • Language skills – NOC B, 0, or A is CLB/NCLC 5
    • Compulsory trades is CLB/NCLC 6
    • Regulated occupation is CLB/NCLC 7

Settlement Funds – must provide proof of funds.

Business Investor Stream

The requirements for the Business Investor Stream will vary depending on the pathway.

1. The Entrepreneur Pathway

  • No age limit and no points for anyone outside the age bracket of 25 and 49
  • Must have completed high school
  • Must have 3 Years work experience as a senior manager in the last 5 Years or business owner
  • If you are a business owner, you must have at least β…“ ownership
  • CLB/NCLC 5 or above
  • Your common-law partner should have CLB/NCLC 5
  • Either you or your spouse should have a friend or relative living in Manitoba for 1 Year or more.
  • Must have a net worth of $500,000
  • Must submit a business plan
  • Must sign the Business Performance Agreement

2. Farm Investor Pathway

  • No language skills specification
  • Net worth must be $500,000
  • Must have 3 Years of experience in farming and owning land
  • $300,000 investment in the rural areas of Manitoba
  • Must submit a farm business plan
  • Farm business visit to Manitoba
  • Must display farming skills and experience in farming technologies
  • Must help the farming industry of Manitoba

The Documentation

Below is a list of documents needed for the Manitoba PNP

  • Identity proof
  • Valid passport
  • Medical proofs
  • Education credential assessment
  • Marriage certificate
  • Language proficiency results
  • Proof funds
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Settlement plan
  • Prove previous work experience
  • Letter of employment (where necessary)
  • Prove connection (if required),

Please note, the minimum points for Manitoba PNP are 60.

The Application Process

Follow the simple steps below to apply for Manitoba PNP:

  1. Check to confirm whether you meet all the application requirements for the Canada Express Entry
  2. If you do, create an Express Entry profile
  3. Submit the relevant documents
  4. Get the Express Entry registration and job seeker validation code
  5. Create another profile at the Manitoba PNP official portal
  6. Link the two profiles
  7. Your applications enter the Express Entry pool
  8. Manitoba views applications
  9. If you are eligible, you’ll receive a Notification of Interest (NOI) via the Manitoba Express Entry portal.
  10. Submit Express of Interest (EOI)
  11. Wait for provincial nomination
  12. If you receive a nomination, your CRS will automatically go up by 600 points.
  13. After that, chances of getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) are high
  14. Apply for permanent residency with the IRCC
  15. You must submit the complete application, including fees and any additional documents, within 60 days.
  16. If everything is approved, you must relocate to Manitoba within the stipulated time.

And that is what you need to know to immigrate to Manitoba, Canada. This information is subject to change anytime as per the government of Manitoba, which may impact your application. It is best to keep track of the changes and liaise with an immigration agency before submitting your profile.