Mangastream Down? Best Alternatives To Read Manga Online

Anime and Manga are a form of entertainment that originated from Japan and over the past few years, they have made their way into westerns countries as well. The primary reason behind the increasing fame and influence of manga and anime is because of their epic storylines and the visuals that they present. We want to talk about Manga here in this article more specifically and the best platforms that you can use to read manga online. So, let’s get started!          

About Mangastream

When we talk about the best websites for reading manga online, mangastream is one of the first names that come to mind. This website is positively reviewed by manga lovers all over the world because of its excellent UI design and the features that it has to offer.

You can enjoy your favorite manga here on this website, for free. It gives you easy access to all the series that you want to read, and you wouldn’t have to pay anything for using the services of this website. It offers you an awesome way of having a great manga reading experience.

Why Did Mangastream Go Down?

Mangastream was recently shut down and it stopped providing its services. The primary reason behind it was unclear. But apparently, they stopped their services to promote the reading of legal content that is provided by paid websites. This was a good step but many mangastream users were bummed out because of this decision. 

Another reason for the website being shut down was, they wanted to give other recently popular manga services a chance to grow and make their way on the search engines. They wanted to encourage their audience to go over to the paid services and watch content without any kind of legal issues. Which seems like a fairly great intent. 

But luckily, it is back again and under a new domain name. Although it is here to stay indefinitely, still, it would be better if you got to know about some alternatives that you can use instead of mangastream. Because what if the websites go down again? You need to get a decent quality backup website that you can use for reading your favorite manga online.     

Best Alternatives to Use Instead Of Mangastream

Below are some of the best websites that you can use an alternative to Mangastream 


MangaPanda brings you a huge number of manga series that you can read on this website for absolutely free. The manga scans that you get here are all high quality and you can find the latest as well as classic manga on this website for free.   


Kissmanga UI is quite similar to kissAnime website and the number of manga series that it has to offer is also quite unparalleled. We highly recommend this website for manga lovers all over the world. The UI and UX of this website are great and quite intuitive and impressive.   


This website is kind of new in the game, but it has gained an immense amount of popularity in a short amount of time. The thing that sets it apart is its powerful search features that you can use to search for the manga that you want to read, in the fastest way possible.  


MangaReader is lot like mangastream in terms of user interface. The UI is quite classy, and you won’t find ads on this website. There might be a few but they don’t affect the user experience at all. The content collection here is huge and manga scans are in HD quality.  


MangaFreak offers you HD manga quality and the manga download feature as well. You can read online or download the content on your PC to read later. You can even use this website on your mobile phone with ease. 

Final Words 

This is everything that you need to know about mangastream and its best alternatives. You can learn more about the trending alternative websites at PastNews. Reading manga on the best online manga website is a great way of passing your free time. So, make sure to visit the websites that we have talked about here, to find the one that works the best for you. Let us know what you think about these websites, in the comments section.


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