Mandatory steps one must take to find jobs in Qatar

Career opportunities shall be grabbed, when they knock on the door, Isn’t it? Well, if you are the one seeking a new job opportunity in Qatar, then throw away your worries of despair, as this city is full of great job opportunities. Qatar is the city with highest GDP in the world and hence most people who come here for jobs, find their route to success.

jobs in qatar

Jobs in Qatar are of great value and will appeal to those who like challenges and excitement in work. It provides with unique work opportunities and ambitious vision and is seeking working professionals who may contribute well to the country. 

So, let us now talk about the four major job opportunities in Qatar: –

The country has great job opportunities in these four career options as with rising GDP and better economic growth the development is at its peak.

With this, let us now tell you what traits you may need to find a relevant opportunity in Qatar:

Traits that are demanded by companies in Dubai: –

  • Persistence: Dubai is a country were hard worker is appreciated, as the country has a dire need of hardworking people. So, people who work hard usually win this bid.
  • Good Attitude: This is the most demanded trait. The employers in Dubai look for people with good attitude who can work well and win the hearts of clients as bonus.
  • Willingness to learn and earn: this is for freshers, most of the companies judge you on the depth of your willingness to learn and make your livelihood.

Here are the ways which may help you to find great jobs in the country

  • Networking: Qatar works on job referrals. To work in Qatar, it is compulsory to build network groups as, if an identified friend applies for a job, he is more likely to get it as employers in Dubai likes to hire trusted people.
  • Placement Consultancies: Most job seekers in Qatar find the services of placement consultancies very convenient as the selection and recruitment process is comparatively easy. These services are more beneficial for managerial jobs.
  • Online Portals: Recruiters in Qatar post lots of jobs on job portals and hence this can be the third way to find a job in the Country.

With job search concern taken care of, one should also know the mandatory legal requirements to work in Qatar, so these are follows:

  • Visa: Those coming to work as expatriate or for jobs should have a valid work visa in Qatar. Administrative procedures to get the legal approvals to work and live in Qatar are often intricate: first, you must find a “sponsor”, i.e. a local employer wishing to hire you and then he may apply for your visa.
  • Work Permit: The initial step after you find a job in Qatar is to get a work permit. This is a crucial document and hence one who wants to work in Qatar should apply for it.
  • Employment Contract: Qatar has a culture of employment contracts, so it is compulsory for each organization to provide worker with this contract document before they get to the country. This contract makes presence of employee in the country lawful.

Medical Checkup for Visa

Another Mandatory point to be kept in mind before you get a visa for Qatar is the Medical Checkup, In Qatar, the Medical Commission is accountable for doing medical checkups with the goal of safeguarding the health of Qatar citizens and stopping spread of infectious illnesses.

Expatriates should first get a blood-type report that can be taken from any clinic, before taking up the Medical Commission examination.

The medical examination possibly will include Blood Test, Chest X-Ray, Screening for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B.


So, if your job hunt is on for Qatar, follow these steps stated in the article and find the relevant job for yourself.