Manaslu Circuit Trekking Guide for a new traveler

Manaslu is one of the emerging trekking regions in Nepal. The trek to Mt. Manaslu is a breathtaking journey through remote forests in Nepal. Manaslu Circuit Trek is also famous among travelers as a peaceful hike. Yet, the Manaslu round trip is not for everyone because it involves a long walk at a higher altitude. Even some experienced trekkers find its terrain strenuous. If you are a newbie to Manaslu, you should read our ultimate Manaslu Trekking guide for a new traveler. 

The Manaslu area is a restricted zone that opened for an organized tour in 1992. Since then, it has been the favorite route among adventurous hikers around the globe. Its trail is clear and less crowded than Everest Base Camp or the Annapurna Circuit Trek. This journey lets you explore the high mountains with beautiful village scenery. Even though it is one of the best trekking destinations in Nepal, it attracts only a few travelers. En route, you witness stunning views of Himlung (7126 m) and Kang Guru (6918), and Annapurna II (7937 m). Similarly, pine, bamboo grooves, rhododendron forest, and wildlife sanctuary. 

A new traveler must focus on many things before embarking on the Manaslu. The idea of training and preparation is what you need to know. Likewise, weather, hiking gear, best season, accessibility, meals, and accommodations are crucial. If you are a new traveler and want to hike to the Manaslu region—this guide is for you. Stay tuned for all the authentic pieces of information.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking Guide: Quick Facts

  • Magnificent views of the world’s eighth-highest massif, Mount Manaslu (8163 m)
  • Remote trek toward Mount Manaslu
  • Hiking distance: 178 km (approx).
  • Trails are not busy.
  • The highest point is Larkya La/Larke Pass (5176 m).
  • Trek level: Moderate/Challenging
  • Solo trekking is not permitted.
  • Minimum number of travelers: 2
  • Exploration of Gurung and Tibetan communities
  • Wide range of flora and fauna of the Manaslu Conservation Area
  • Astounding views of Himalchuli (7983 m), Nagadi Chuli (7871 m), Annapurna South(7219 m)
  • Stunning views of Birendra Lake, Buri Gandaki River George, and Marshyandi River Gorge
  • Restricted Area permit requires (RAP): Yes
  • Accommodations: Basic Homestays
  • Average cost: $80 per day (Approx). 

Are training and preparation required for the Manaslu Trek?

Yes! Manaslu and other moderate and challenging trekking in Nepal require physical training. The round trip to Manaslu is a moderate walk that does not need technical peak climbing skills. But it does demand extensive physical preparation. Trekkers have to walk long hours at high altitudes, which requires good physical and mental ability.

You can hike Manaslu without training unless you are a serial mountain trekker and climber. Mountain walking is a challenging task that involves unclear landmarks and rugged terrain. Train yourself for at least one to two months before flying to Nepal.

Regular physical exercises and long walks help to enhance your strength and endurance. And it also boosts your confidence during hiking in the mountains. Set a time for walking, jogging, cycling, running, swimming, and other physical exercises. You can also join a gym to increase your strength. Remember to concentrate on your heart and legs while practicing in the gym. 

Additionally, you can walk on local trails for 4–6 hours with minimal rest time. To conquer the trek in Nepal also needs mental preparation and readiness. And you require self-confidence to start any daring work, including mountain walking. You have to opt for a trek with a positive mindset and grateful mentality. 

Also, note that you find decent meals and accommodation options on Nepal Trekking Routes

How to Access Manaslu Circuit Hike Trailhead?

The Manaslu round hike trailhead is one of the closest trailheads to Kathmandu. You don’t need to take a flight to reach there, yet you must drive around 80 miles from Kathmandu to Soti Khola. That is a 6-hour journey on a private jeep and 8+ hours on a public bus. Sometimes, it takes longer than this due to heavy traffic jams on the Prithivi highway. 

Your tour operator manages private vehicles for you to reach the trailhead. Their staff pick you up from your hotel and take you to drive. The journey follows the bank of the Trishuli River first and then the Marshyangdi River. 

Manaslu round trek Brief Itinerary

Nepal Trekking Routes 18 Days Manaslu round trip itinerary is suitable for experienced trekkers. The below itinerary is our ideal Manaslu Circuit Trekking itinerary. It can be customizable as per travelers’ choice. 

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu Valley and Final preparation for the walk

Day 03: Drive to Sotikhola from Kathmandu- 8 hours

Day 04: Hike to Machha Khola- 6 hours

Day 05: Trek to Jagat village- 7 hours

Day 06: Hike to Deng village- 7 hours

Day 07: Trek to Namrung village- 6 hours

Day 08: Trek to Lho 6 hours

Day 09: Trek to Samagaun 4 hours

Day 10: Climate Acclimatization Day

Day 11: Hike to Samdo village- 4 hours

Day 12: Trek to Dharamshala 4 hours

Day 13: Trek to Bimatang crossing Larkya La Pass- 10 hours

Day 14: Trek to Tilche- 5 hours

Day 15: Trek to Dharapani-Besisahar-9 hours

Day 16: Drive to Kathmandu-8 hours

Day 17: Departure

Can we extend Manaslu circuit Trip with Tsum Valley Trek?

Yes, we can extend Manaslu Circuit with Tsum Valley Trekking. It gives a unique experience from doing Manaslu solo. Usually, hikers combine Tsum Valley with the round trek to Manaslu. You can extend if you have extra 4–5 days in your journey and if you like even more remote areas. The Tsum valley is a hidden paradise of the Manaslu trail. It lies on the northern side of the Gorkha district in the Manaslu conservation area. 

The valley has preserved authentic traditional culture and natural beauty to date. The Tsumba people are the local community of Tsum. 

From the beautiful rural village of Tsum, we can see glimpses of Buddha Himal Chuli, Sringi, and Ganesh Himal. Tsum also features stone-roofed houses, dense forests, and terraced fields from the valley. 

Trek to Tsum Valley rewards you with the true color of ancient Tibetan Bon culture and tradition. It is also a popular spiritual area for Buddhist practitioners. Tsum has preserved centuries-old monasteries and Mani (prayer) walls for its visitors. According to local inhabitants, the famous Tibetan saint Milarepa made a meditation cave there. After his name, Tsumba’s people made a cave name (Milarepa Cave). 

Trekkers can also explore Ruchen Nunnery and Mu Gompa at Tsum. Thus, the Manaslu circuit with Tsum Valley Trek provides you with the utmost experience in Nepal trekking activity. 

What are other options for the Manaslu region trek?

Ruby Valley Trek- 10 Days

Tsum Valley-Rupina La Pass Trek- 21 days

Manaslu Base Camp Trek-12 days

Manaslu Circuit Camping Trek- 18 Days

Rupina La Pass Trek- 18 Days

How Difficult is the Manaslu round Trek for a new traveler?

Nepal trekking difficulty can be measured by its hiking routes, weather, altitude, etc. But, most trekkers experience this as a strenuous trek because it is a long trek that requires a high level of endurance. You have to walk straight for ten hours a day while crossing Larke Pass, one of the longest parks in the Himalayas. It takes almost two weeks, and you’ll be walking between 3000 and 5100 m. And you must set climate acclimatization places on the trail. Any age group with a decent physical fitness level is suitable for this trip.

Which is the best season for the Manaslu round trek?

Unlike Annapurna and Everest Base camp Trek, spring and fall are the best seasons to hike in the Manaslu region. Trekkers experience a warm environment and clear skies at both times. These are the peak seasons of overall trekking destinations in Nepal. Travelers prefer this season because there is less probability of rain in spring and fall. Yet, you can expect ques in EBC and ABC terrain. But, you get the clear and less crowded trails in the Manaslu region in peak season. 

That means there is no problem with food and accommodations en route. Like other regions, a hike in the monsoon is not advisable for the Manaslu trek. There is a high chance of rain in the monsoon, which causes muddy trails and surprise landslides. You don’t opt at this time unless you have only vacation time you have. Otherwise, do not consider the rainy season for Nepal trekking. 

Moreover, the climate descends up to -30 °C in winter. Consult with a tour agency to choose the right season for you. 

How to Select the Best Tour Agency for Manaslu Circuit Trek as a new traveler?

Some people prefer to walk in a group, with an experienced guide and porters. You can travel without a tour operator in a free trekking zone, but a restricted area, like Manaslu, isn’t possible. The government allows only organized tours operated by licensed trekking agency. 

There are some things to remember when choosing a tour partner, but it also depends on your need and desire. Different agencies offer different types of experience. Check legal documents, testimonials of previous clients, and terms and conditions before finalizing it. 

Picking a good travel company is your wise decision. For instance, Nepal Trekking Routes provide Nepal trekking and Nepal Tour packages at an affordable rate without compromising quality for a long time. Our guide and porter are fluent in English and the local language. They help you to make your journey successful in any trekking region in Nepal. You can read our reviews on Trip Advisor and Trustpilot. 

Food and Accommodations Guide for Manaslu Round Trip

Trekkers get decent food and accommodations in a rural homestay during the trip. These tea houses serve eggs and bread, Tibetan bread, toast, and local chapatti for breakfast. Pancakes and porridges may be available in some hotels. Similarly, they serve Nepali thali of Dal Bhat (rice, dal, and curry) during lunchtime on the trail. And for dinner, you’ll get noodles, chapatti, dal bhat, and fried potatoes on the menu. And if you are lucky, you get momos (dumplings) in a few tea houses. Dinner is the last meal of the day that you should not escape. It refills your body for the next day’s walks. 

Furthermore, these teahouses serve tea, instant coffee, and hot lemon. Some provide hot chocolate too, and even they boil water for a minimal amount. You can get cold drinks en route. And if you want to drink alcohol, you can find Beer and Tumba (a local hot drink made from fermented millet).

Besides, you can get chocolate and other dry snacks on trailhead and homestays. But it is best to buy in Kathmandu to minimize your cost. 

Trekkers get decent accommodations in the Manaslu region. They’re not luxurious like five-star hotels but give you perfect sleep for your tired body in a remote village. Further, you get a cozy twin-sharing room with basic facilities. 

What to Pack for Manaslu Trekking as a new traveler?

Packing the right gear and equipment is also necessary for a new traveler to the Manaslu round trip. Get detailed info on the weather forecast trend of Nepal before coming here. Pack your necessities in layers to adapt when the weather changes during your trek. If you are going to Manaslu in the monsoon, add waterproof gloves. The weather in the Himalayan ranges is unpredictable; rainfall can occur in any season. So, be prepared well to combat it. Note your agency also manages some of your gear and equipment. Here is the list of a few Nepal Trekking gear you need on the trip.

  • A pair of Trekking Shoes
  • Down Jacket
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Torchlight
  • Cameras and other gadgets
  • Sun hat
  • Sun cream
  • Toiletries items
  • Sunglasses
  • insect repellent
  • Water purification tablet
  • Waterproof clothes
  • lightweight shirts and pants
  • First Aid kits

What is the cost of the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Manaslu circuit trip is more affordable than other long treks in Nepal. A local and trustable trekking agency charges around $1300 for the round trek to Manaslu. However, the price depends on which package you choose, how many guides and porters you need, etc. Nepal Trekking Routes standard charge is $1290 per person, which includes guide and porter fees and permit fees. The fees also cover other costs like food, accommodations, and transportation. Or you can assume all logistics encompass that amount without visa fees, international flight costs, and personal expenses. 

Price of Trekking Permits:

Manaslu Restricted Area Permit:

$100 per person for seven days from September to November and $75 per person for seven days from December to August. 

Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) pass fee is $30

Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) pass fee is $30

The package also covers porter and guide fees. 

A TIM’s card does not need in the Manaslu region.

The miscellaneous cost is $20 per day (approx.). 

Note, your travel operator handles all permits and other procedures if you book your trip. 

How to Choose Nepal Trekking Guide and Porter?

Every traveler in the Manaslu region must hire a certified guide to hike. The Manaslu route with a Nepal Trekking guide is a safe option. If you can carry a 20-25 kg backpack, you can travel without a porter. But hiring a porter is a good choice. Book your 17 days Manaslu round trek with Nepal Trekking Routes for excellent service. We will provide you with an experienced and professional guide and porter. Contact us via email, phone, or WhatsApp to get more info on Nepal Trekking and Tour packages.

Is Manaslu Trekking Safe for a new traveler?

In any traverse, the safety of a traveler is also a consideration. Talking about Manaslu safety, if you follow the guide’s advice, bring travel insurance with you, and learn to reduce AMS. Manaslu is a safe trip for you. Its trail is even safer than the Everest Base Camp trek. 

Some extra tips for the Manaslu Round trek for a new traveler

  • Always drink plenty of water and stay hydrated during mountain walks. 
  • Keep rehydration salts. 
  • Always purify water before drinking it. 
  • Eat as little as possible non-vegetarian food in the mountain region. 
  • Bring a light backpack with you and hand the Duffel bag to the porter.
  • Bring high-calorie snacks(Chocolate, Snickers, protein bars, dry nuts)
  • Always pack the appropriate gear for trekking in the Himalayas.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking items as possible. 
  • Take Garlic soup (remedy for HIMS) after a high-altitude walk.
  • Never speed during daytime in high-altitude areas. 
  • Do stretching exercises, yoga, and meditation regularly before a long walk.
  • Go with the flow with your journey. Don’t rush into the mountain – follow a steady walk. 
  • Be grateful for the food and accommodations you have on the journey. 
  • Respect local people and their culture.
  • Try to provide small tips to the guide and porter because they work very hard to make your trip successful.

Conclusion: Manaslu Circuit Trekking Guide for a new traveler

The Manaslu trekking journey is a fantastic experience you get once in a lifetime. We recommend it to anyone who is seeking an adventurous and memorable traverse. The breathtaking scenery of snow-capped mountains and lush forests beautifies the Manaslu region. You will find warm and gracious people who serve you with pure intention. This ultimate guide is perfect for a new traveler in the Manaslu region. Contact Nepal Trekking Routes to organize travel and tour packages in Nepal. 

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