Managing your Investment Portfolios with StockMarketEye

For you to grow your wealth, you need to invest part of your income continually.

You might have heard the phrase “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, this means you should not invest all your funds in one investment instrument, but rather diversify it.

While investment diversification can help to minimize your risk exposure, managing your investment portfolio is a serious task and the most important part of it.

How to Manage Your Investment Yourself

Are you now worried about keeping an eye on your investment portfolio round the clock?

Regular monitoring of portfolio performance is no longer a problem since it’s no longer necessary to create a complex excel sheet for you to check your investment portfolio.

There are portfolio tracking tools to help you manage your equity portfolio, your own retirement portfolio, and even manage the investment for your clients.

If you want portfolio management software that is easy-to-use, cost-friendly, and robust, you should try StockMarketEye.

You will be able to import your portfolio from your broker and keep watch on your growth.

Why do you need to Try StockMarketEye?

StockMarketEye is one of the best portfolio trackers out there that investors and portfolio managers love to use.

You can download the software free without filling in your credit card details and your contact details, test it for one month and perform series of tasks on the program.

You can track how your investments in stocks, currencies, mutual funds, Options and Futures are performing, track indexes, overweight and underweight companies to analyze potential investment all at the same time.


StockMarketEye offers a one-year subscription only, and it costs just $74.99, that’s less than $7 monthly while others cost between $30 to $100 monthly.

I’ve checked the free trial of some of the top portfolio managing programs, and you can only get limited features on a free trial or not as robust as StockMarketEye tracking capacity.

Also, StockMarketEye pricing is open, there are no hidden charges, and you don’t need to request to get a quote, everything is transparent to investors.

Not only is the software affordable to use for individual investors and portfolio managers, you just need to purchase the license once, and you can test the features for a good one month before purchasing the license.

Top-Notch Design

Affordability is not the most important factor to consider in developing productivity apps, quality design is also much prioritized, and StockMarketEye is rated A in this vertical.

Simple, clear, and intuitive design is what users experience using this portfolio tracker.

The layouts are simple and beautiful. You can navigate around different tabs to interact with the features to learn how best to make use of the software.

I must say the truth, one of the problems with investment portfolio tools is the complexity of the indicators and features generally, it makes even portfolio management a big deal.

One of the advantages of working with StockMarketEye is a user-friendly dashboard, easy navigation, and well-organized tabs.

StockMarketEye was even awarded recently with the outstanding performance of their productive software, having beat many other tools in terms of an intuitive interface, and innovative design.


StockMarketEye is very flexible in terms of the currency support, language support, data import and management, integration, device support, and others.

The software supports most of the popular currencies, available in over 80 countries and 19 languages, therefore it can be used across the globe.

If your portfolio is in another language and currency, and you import it to StockMarketEye, it would convert it to your chosen language and currency.

To make it even more flexible, international portfolio managers can import investment data from more than one brokerage and create different portfolios as long as the brokerage firms are listed on the software.

This investment portfolio tracker is mobile friendly as it supports both android and iOS phones, however, the features on the mobile app are limited compared to the desktop app.

StockMarketEye is basically a desktop application, however, you can still track the major indexes, keep watch on big cap and small-cap stocks, create multiple portfolios, synchronize your account, etc.

For the full features, you can just download StockMarketEye on your Windows, Mac, or Linux.

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