Manage and Utilize Cloud Resources Efficiently

Many people today are using managed cloud services for running applications in the cloud. That is why; many studies show a steady rise in usage of managed cloud services and cloud computing in general. Also, most enterprises these days prefer managed cloud services over unmanaged cloud for running their applications more effectively in the cloud devoid of keeping and conducting the entire virtual IT infrastructure on their own. A lot of companies also have recently adopted a mixed managed hosting approach where some of its applications remain on the traditional servers while other are hosted on the managed cloud. This hybrid approach has been found to be more effective in saving resources and time than the other option of going for a complete switchover of the entire infrastructure.

managed cloud services

The benefits of managed cloud services can be divided into three categories namely security, scalability and disaster recovery. Managing a virtual platform in a secured environment is more secure in comparison to the same platform hosted on an on-site or off-site infrastructure. Virtual private servers (VPS) offer the best of all worlds. VPS can be managed easily by its server administrators and users can therefore have the control and flexibility to configure different levels of access. This is not the case with on-site and off-site IT infrastructures that require you to make complex security and access restrictions in accordance with your company’s data security requirements. As such many companies who are looking to go for a complete makeover of their IT infrastructure have preferred to deploy managed cloud services to stay in sync with the latest trends.

In terms of scalability, the advantages of on-site or off-site cloud computing are more apparent. Since it can be managed centrally, the service provider can extend its infrastructure and keep adding new storage capacity, servers and other elements as required. Hence, it can add new elements to the managed services without having to invest in additional infrastructure. Also, it requires lesser investments and man hours in comparison with on-site infrastructures that consume greater physical space, additional personnel and incur cost overheads.

Disaster recovery or also known as recovery management is yet another advantage that organizations and enterprises are finding extremely helpful. With managed cloud services, enterprises can focus on improving their overall business processes and applications and also be assured of their safety and uninterrupted operations in the event of any disaster or outage. Since these services are provided from the hosted infrastructure, there is no fear of the IT infrastructure getting outdated or experiencing other failures. These solutions have therefore proved extremely beneficial to organizations working towards providing a better customer experience, increased productivity and improved profitability. In the same way, customers too have realized the benefits of on-site and off-site cloud computing infrastructures and are investing in them for their businesses.

Now days, more organizations are opting for managed cloud services, which are significantly less expensive than the public clouds. However, the biggest advantage of these services is that they have better connectivity and control features and can scale up as required. This enables organizations to make the most out of their computing resources without worrying about the cost and resources. Moreover, in case of any degradation in these systems, users can easily migrate to other computing infrastructures without facing any difficulties or issues.

Thus, organizations and enterprises are choosing managed cloud services provided by a cloud-based computing service provider who has the expertise in designing and deploying such solutions. There are several such IT solutions providers who have made it big and renowned in the market. They have a dedicated, highly skilled and experienced team that works in close collaboration with the client and provides them with excellent, managed hosting services at affordable rates. Organizations and enterprises today have a wonderful choice to choose from a wide range of options. A user just needs to analyze his requirements, work closely with the professionals and experts and then decide upon the right solution. Thus, organizations and enterprises can definitely take their advantage and ensure smooth and hassle-free working using the best-managed cloud environment.