Malik Riaz Hussain Biography – Biggest Tycoon and a Gentleman in Bahria Town Pakistan

Malik Riaz Hussain is a business tycoon in Pakistan born February 8, 1954. He is a founder of Bahria Town, which is the largest real estate development company in Asia. At the starting age, Malik Riaz started his career as Clerk in a Construction company. With the virtue of his mind, he became a contractor in less time, and finally, Malik Riaz made his empire too big. Riaz faced many losses in his business, and he dropped out of school after completing matriculation.

Malik Riaz Hussain

Malik Riaz Bahria Town expanded his empire to Karachi, Lahore,  Peshawar, Islamabad during 2000 and developed a combined area of 45000 square acres. Bahria project is one of the most significant real estate projects in Asia, which is owned by Malik Riaz. In 2016, Bahria had sixty thousand employees who are the most significant numbers for the private sector, and he became the largest private-sector employer in Pakistan.

Malik Riaz assets are more than 800 Million Dollars. This amount is calculated by the “sell of land” minus “purchase of the land”. As all tycoons have critics, there are many critics for Malik Riaz Hussain too.

Malik Riaz has just passed his schooling with fewer numbers, and there was no excellent scope for jobs, so he started working as a painter. After that Mr Riaz took some contracts with the army and saved some money and finally made a Bahria Town empire. Bahria town gave the style of living to people.

Mr Malik Riaz always stands in the limelight. There are many critics, but he is a gentleman because he is kind and the right person. At starting, most of the people who don’t know Riaz become critics but after sometime critics become the real supporters. It is not because a supporter gets something from him, but it happens because he is a gentleman.

Malik Riaz Hussain is doing a large charity. He has given a system to charity. He made two funds. For the first fund, the profit money he collects from banks; send all the money to charity for important welfare works. The second fund is related to other schemes. He is running many hospitals, schools, orphans, etc. He is also giving food to people.

After the heart attack, brain haemorrhage is the second deadly problem in Pakistan. After brain haemorrhage, either the patient gets died or becomes a handicap for the rest of your life. For solving this problem, Malik Riaz opened a hospital where he appointed a doctor who is a specialist for a brain haemorrhage who previously worked at the US hospital named Doctor Kasim.

He gave the most significant gift to the country by providing this great hospital. It is said if a patient admits in the hospital within 3 hours of brain haemorrhage attack, his life can be saved.

Apart from these, Malik Riaz gives a massive scholarship to students, and if any problem occurs in Pakistan, he became the first one who donates money. He does all good works. As there are many millionaires in Pakistan but Malik Riaz Hussain is a unique personality.