Making the Most of your Landscape Design Consultation

You don’t mind doing some yard work, but you are not certain about executing your great ideas. If so, then you should consider hiring a landscape designer.


There is no right or wrong way to landscape a yard. We can landscape the way we want. With that said, it is a good idea to get a landscape designer who will help you execute a well-planned strategy. The right landscape designer will even help you increase the value of your property, aside from achieving landscaping goals.


Prepare for your Landscape Consultation Meeting

The importance of the relationship between you and your landscape designer is undeniable. However, this chemistry can be hard to pin down. To help ease this process, this should give you relevant insights on how to gut-check your designer before investing your time and money.


Here are some critical points to make the most out of your landscape consultation:


  1. Take a picture from multiple angles and distances of your yard

These images will have a significant effect when visualizing your dream garden. Each angle presents a new factor that can change everything. But when you combine them all, it’s almost like projecting a 360-degree view of your yard; this is important.


  1. Take appropriate measure of the subject area

If you’re planning on visiting a landscape designer, you need to take with your measurement of your yard. Why? Because these measurements will be crucial for getting your ideas in shape. Those who wrote down everything, have succeeded in transforming their yard.


  1. Take multiple pictures of your home and remember to capture the style and color

As they say, the value of an attractive landscape to your home is undeniable. Fortunately, you are leaving some of this work in the hands of a professional. Heck, you might even be hands-on for this project. Taking pictures of your home will allow your landscape design consultant to play around with ideas that complement the style and color of your home. Besides, these pictures will let them get familiar with your style and color preferences.


  1. Find out the exposure of your yard

It is said that sunshine is the best medicine for your lawn. That’s true. No matter how green your yard is, its fate still hinges on the higher power that is sunlight. This information will allow the consultant to come up with a woodland management plan to pick the right plants for your landscape. Besides, they will also pick the best place to plant.


  1. Know the lighting including hours of sun and shade

The success of your garden stems largely from the location. If you know the daily patterns the sun makes across your property, you can give your plants an edge by matching their solar needs. The best way to measure the amount of exposure is to create a sunlight map that details everything that could provide shade.


  1. Reflect on your goals, taste, and preferences

How do you plan to utilize this space? When you book your appointment, you should have an idea of what landscaping goals you want to accomplish. However, if you are not sure of what you want, the consultant will walk you through the best ideas.


Your Move

Do you have all this information with you? If so, it is time to ring your landscape designer. That’s where they will take over.