Making sure you get a good web designer in Swindon

Finding a web designer means looking at lots of different things including cost, portfolio, and customer reviews. Remove stocky images and ambiguous terminology; Include social share and follow buttons and make sure overall it is easy for the end user to use as well as anyone else. Put some thought into the images you include and make sure too that it has a nice flow to it.

Keep it simple, stupid. Simple is always betterMake it visible, not visual. A designer’s job is to communicate in the simplest way possible. So, when looking around for a web designer in Swindon, make sure and be sure their approach is most straightforward in the ways they work and that they will be able to take your ideas and bring them all to life.

The need for good UX

A well-designed website can help build trust and guide visitors to take action. Creating a great user experience involves making sure your website design is also clear. This is all key if you are going to be able to produce designs. Also if these are designs that are effective and good for the end user. UX is now a key part of web design no matter what the website may be for and related to.

Make sure the design is clear

As with all great collaborations, communication is key. Be clear about your ideas, your business, your audience, and your brand. Web designers are professionals and experts in their field, but they’re not mind readers! Usually, you’ll fill out a survey early on to give your designer an overview of the project. Typically covering everything from your brand to your target audience and beyond. You should go into as much detail as you can, and dedicate a proper amount of time to filling it out.

Make sure it loads fast as well too

It’s probably one of the least debated facts in the web design sphere that speed is important. Research has shown that it influences everything from bounce rate over user satisfaction to conversions and revenue. website speed effect web design tips If your site is slow, visitors will not stick around. Period. Plus, because users care, search engines also do and factor your page loading speed into their rankings. For that reason, it’s paramount that you invest in making your site as fast as possible.

This is a service needed in any business – remember this!

Web design is something that pretty much everyone on the managerial end of a business has to deal with, but only design professionals truly understand. If you want a great web design, you have to learn the basics, so you can communicate want you want. Even if you’re hiring a professional to design your page for you, you still need some background information to discern a talented web designer from a mediocre one and explain what you need them to do.


If you’re looking for a web designer, our designer search tool lets your browse our community of 1.4 million designer from all over the world. You can filter your searches by designer skill level, specialisation, or even the types of industries in which they specialize. Put simply, take your time and look to hire a web designer able to work for you. Also for your business and able to help you meet your objectives.