Making Poe Divines Strategy with The Formed Encounter

Welcome back to another exciting article! Today, we want to share with you the incredible loot we obtained from running 30 sets of The Formed. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations because you’re about to learn a strategy that’s not only effective but also highly lucrative. Before we dive into the loot, let’s discuss the Atlas tree we used. Please note that while we will provide alternatives, we don’t recommend using this exact tree. Now, let’s get started!

Atlas Tree:
When considering the Atlas tree, several key nodes proved to be valuable. The Shaper pack size nodes, Elder map drops, and invitation chances are all worth investing in. We also took the synthesized chance node, although its value may be debatable. The node above it, however, was definitely worth it. Additionally, the Syndicate betrayal nodes on the tree played a crucial role in maximizing our gains. We highly recommend blocking content on the side of the tree we mentioned, as most of it isn’t worth running, except perhaps for Harvest. The Metamorph content, on the other hand, was not worth pursuing. We also experimented with taking the enhanced Labyrinth trials, which yielded positive results. However, the decision to invest in them is up to your discretion.

If you prefer alternative strategies, there are several viable options. Delirium, for instance, appeared frequently during our runs and worked exceptionally well due to the linear map layout. Betrayal content, especially when combined with strongboxes, Harvest, Harbinger, and Essence, also proved to be profitable. On the other hand, the map layer from Legion, Breach, and Abyss encounters was not as fruitful. Finally, the wandering path strategy, which involves skipping larger notable nodes, could potentially increase the number of formed invitations dropped. However, this may result in fewer Conqueror and Elder map drops. It’s worth considering, though, as it could significantly boost your overall profits.

Profit Analysis:
Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for—let’s talk about the profits we made! We spent a total of 23 Poe divines to run 30 sets, and in return, here’s what we obtained:
16.3 Maven Ritz worth 21 divines
21 formed invitations worth 9 divines
34 Shaper fragment sets worth about 7.4 divines
Elder Slayer, Conqueror, and Shapered Guardian Maps worth 4 divines
2 synthesized Maps worth 60 chaos
6 Enhanced Labyrinth encounters yielding 450 chaos orbs
4 Over Conflicts worth half a divine
Based on these findings, our total profit should be 20.6 divines, equivalent to 0.68 divines per set or 150 chaos orbs per set. However, this is the minimum profit you should expect, as it only includes items that sell in bulk. We didn’t factor in valuable drops like Carcass Jack, annulments, exalted orbs, divine orbs, awakened sextants, or unique items. Including these additional items, we estimate the profit per set to be closer to 170-190 chaos orbs.

In conclusion, “The Formed” encounter in Path of Exile can be a highly profitable venture if approached with the right strategy. The speed at which you complete the sets can greatly influence your earnings, but remember that you have the option to run them at a slower pace to extract even more value from each set. If you’re interested in the build featured in the background footage, make sure to check out my other articles, where I document my progress from day one to its current state. If you found this article helpful and enjoyable, please consider giving it a like and subscribing to support my content. Thank you for watching, and I’ll catch you next time!


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