Making Poe Divine Orbs with Lower-level Contracts Guides

Welcome to our Poe guide article where we will discuss how to optimize your contracts and blueprints for maximum profits. Today, we will focus on cherry-picked contracts and blueprints, specifically engineering contracts, and how to use them to generate wealth.

Thief’s Trinket
Firstly, it is important to note that we are currently hunting for a 100 or 90 divine Thief’s trinket. This trinket has a chance to duplicate basic currency, which can be incredibly valuable for generating profits. Additionally, we are cherry-picking priceless contracts to gain more rope markers.

Perception and deception contracts
To ensure we have a steady supply of contracts, we have reserved some perception and deception contracts for when we run out of reveals with Gianna. This helps us maintain a consistent flow of contracts without having to rely solely on Gianna.

Engineering contracts
we focus on engineering contracts, as they tend to offer the most lucrative rewards. We have nine engineering contracts that can be run with Vindery and another nine that can be run with Isla. We have also purchased two new bridges to increase our chances of duplicating valuable items contained within the chests.

Running contracts
When running these contracts, we equip our rogue members with good brooches and cloaks to increase the raising of alert level. However, we only focus on contracts that contain map chests, as these tend to offer the most valuable rewards.

Unfortunately, the lower-level engineering contracts tend to have a higher chance of not containing map chests. In our experience, we only found three one-chest rooms in our nine contracts with Vindery. On the other hand, with Isla, we found four to five map chests, including two unique chests and one question marker chest.

Our results were not exceptional, but we did manage to acquire some awakened sextants, a wall tamper map, and other valuable items related to maps and currency. We generated nearly half a poe divine orb in awakened sextants, which is not bad considering the effort we put in.

In conclusion, cherry-picking contracts and blueprints, specifically engineering contracts, can be a great way to generate wealth in PoE. By equipping your rogue members with good gear and focusing on map chests, you can increase your chances of obtaining valuable items. Keep in mind that lower-level contracts may not always yield the best rewards, so it is important to manage your expectations accordingly.


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