Makeup Essentials for Beginners

If you have newly stepped inside the world of makeup, then probably you will be overwhelmed by so many makeup products roaming around you all the time. Especially as a teenager, you should be aware of safe teen makeup products available in the market to protect your soft and sensitive skin.

To build an eye-catching makeup bag, you need to first of all know about which makeup essentials are much needed. To help you a bit, right here we have compiled a list of top most basic and much-needed makeup essentials for beginners:

  • Face Primer

For some of the people, primer is not so much important during the makeup application. But only the experts know how much value it is to start your makeup routine.  It is just the face primer which will bring an everlasting effect for your skin and will carry the makeup for long hours.

It is equally important to control acne or oil content inside the skin cells. You can also smooth your uneven texture with the help of the best primer product.

  • Foundation

The next most important makeup product is the foundation which boosts your skin undertones and type. Foundation is divided into three main types i.e. medium, natural, and full.  You should always look for the foundation which suits your skin tone otherwise it can ruin your whole makeup look.

Plus, you can also search for the foundation products from different online foundation tools including Temptalia’s Foundation Matrix, as well as Sephora’s Color IQ tool, also Foundation.

  • Concealer

To reduce dark circles, discoloration, or any kind of acne, choosing the right product of concealer is so much important.  Concealers are available in two main types of formulations such as sheerer coverage and full-coverage.  You need to pick the one based on the fact that how many faces you want to cover up. When it comes to the selection of concealer, try to look for the one which is possibly closer to the shade of BB cream for getting a natural look.

  • Blush

Putting the right amount of blush will have a strong effect on your entire makeup look.  Blush plays an important role if you are planning to wear a foundation that is in opaque coverage.  You can get blush available in gel, powder, and cream formulations. Powder one is the most popular among women.  For the fair or medium skin tone, choosing peach and pink tones of blush will work best. Whereas for the darker skin tone, you can choose purple, mauve, and maroon shades.

  • Highlighter

A makeup bag is incomplete without a highlighter!  Highlighter is normally available in different forms such as cream, powder, liquid, hybrid cream, and stick.  Each one of them has its own best benefits, but for the beginners, we will recommend stick or powder forms which are easy to apply on.

The best way to apply highlighter is to carry it in lighter formation starting from the bridge nose area and cheekbones. Applying it on cupid bow and below the eyebrows is also important. The best shades of any highlighter will depend on your skin undertones and tones.

  • Mascara

Product of mascara is the best option with which you can give your eyes a pull off effect to look larger than ever. Mascaras are available in different in which they can thicken your lashes or can also curl them up.  Black has always remained to be one of the favorite mascara choices among women.  But if you are having light-colored lashes, then choosing brown mascara will look so best.


Don’t forget to check out to learn some more interesting makeup tips and get some fabulous ideas of latest makeup looks! We have already presented you with the list of top best needed makeup essentials for beginners which you should add in your makeup kit right now.

Which one of these products is your favorite one?