Make Your Move: Is It Cheaper to Hire a Moving Company?

Maybe you just got a new job in a different location? Perhaps you’re taking a giant chance and are moving to a place in which you’ve always wanted to live? In any case, you’re moving. 

At this point, only one question remains: should you hire a moving company or should you facilitate the move on your own? And, in particular, which of these options is cheaper overall? 

That’s a great question and one that we can answer for you. Let’s discuss specifics below. 

The Cost to Hire a Moving Company

The cost to hire a moving company can vary based on a number of factors. These factors include the experience and reputation of the moving company, the area in which you live, the level of service you’re receiving, and more.┬áFor an example, if you need pet transport too, the cost will be more as you will need a moving company who is an expert pet relocation.

The most accurate we can get in this article is to provide you with a nationwide average. On average, local moves cost around $1,400 in total. Note, though, that this can range anywhere from $750 to $2,100 and sometimes even more. 

Wondering about cross-country moves? These usually run somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000. Again, however, they can be much more expensive, especially if you’re moving a large number of possessions. 

Why Hire a Moving Company?

Sure, hiring moving companies can be expensive. But there’s a lot to benefit from by doing so. Here are some of the reasons to hire a moving company. 

Less Stress

Coordinating a move is stressful, to say the least. Ensuring that you get your items safely from point A to point B can leave you feeling anxious and exhausted. But by handing the task over to professionals, you can relax and leave your stress behind. 

Less Strain on Your Body

Not only can a moving company save you from mental stress but physical strain as well. After all, lugging couches and tables up and down the stairs isn’t easy on the body. In fact, it could even result in serious injury. 

By allowing professional movers to handle the task instead, you can give your body a rest, thus allowing you to move into your new home in complete comfort. 

Proper Equipment

There is a variety of equipment required to move your possessions from place to place. Not only do you need a moving truck but a dolly, ramps, jacks, and more. You probably don’t have these in your possession but a moving company most certainly will. 

The Hidden Costs of Moving By Yourself

On the surface, moving by yourself seems much less expensive than hiring a moving company. And, in some cases, it might very well be. However, there are a number of costs associated with DIY moving that you may have never even thought about. 

We’re going to discuss these costs in detail below while also explaining the potential drawbacks of moving by yourself. 


Let’s be honest: if you’re moving by yourself, you’re going to have to take more than one trip. That’s unless you can get rid of a substantial number of your possessions. 

And for each trip you take to move your possessions, you’re going to burn even more gas. No, gas isn’t ridiculously expensive at the moment. But it’s not cheap either. 

Depending on the extent of your move, you should plan on spending anywhere from $10 to $30 on gas. 

Item Replacement

A common tactic when moving by one’s self is to discard items that can’t be fit into the vehicle. At the time, the thought is that these items will never be used again anyways. However, in reality, many of these items end up being replaced after the move has been completed. 

Replacing these items could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Do you know where you could better allocate that money? A moving company. 

When you use the services of a moving company, you’ll be able to move each and every one of your possessions, negating the need to replace them in the future. 

Item Destruction

You’re throwing hundreds of your possessions into your vehicle. At some point, one or more of them has to face some type of destruction. 

For instance, maybe a set of your glass kitchen cups will break under the pressure of numerous boxes? Or, maybe your mattress will go flying off the roof of your vehicle? 

In either one of these cases, you’ll be responsible for the replacement or repair. But if you utilize the services of a moving company, your items will be insured throughout the move and you won’t have to pay a cent to replace or repair them. 

This one feature alone can be reason enough to hire a moving company. After all, you never know what might happen to your possessions during the trip. So, at the very least, it’s nice to know they’re insured. 

Pet Transportation

Do you have pets? If so, moving your stuff on your own could pose a challenge. In particular, you could have trouble finding room for your furry friends. 

If so, you might find it necessary to utilize pet transportation services. But what if you had just used this money to pay for moving services instead? Then, you could have just transported your pets in your own vehicle free of charge. 

Rest assured, paying someone else to transport your pets isn’t cheap. Not to mention, you might feel safer having them with you during the move. 

Moving Companies Are Worth the Money

Yes, the cost to hire a moving company can be expensive. However, as you can see, moving on your own isn’t cheap either. Put simply, moving costs money. 

And since this is a one-time, isolated type of thing, you should consider shelling out the additional money for a professional moving company. They’ll take a great deal of the strain and stress off of the moving process, making the experience much more enjoyable for you. 

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