Make Your Journey More Convenient With Top Taxi Apps

Whether in Google’s Play Store or in the Apple App Store – the selection of taxi apps is large. Taxi apps are small, the installation works accordingly quickly and you always have a direct line to the nearest taxi center with you. Do you want to call a car right away? No problem – often all you need is a short registration with a user account and some personal information.

You only have to spend more time if you also want to use the payment function integrated in some apps. Some taxi apps by app developers even completely dispense with all entries for pure ordering. However, an activated GPS and a data connection are always required. The application communication with the taxi companies runs completely via the mobile Internet and you can then find out your exact location via GPS signal.

Table of content:

• Find the right taxi app
• Order a taxi with ease
• The most important functions of Taxi apps
• Further advantages of the taxi apps
• Limits of the taxi apps
• Conclusion

Find the right taxi app

If you search for the keyword ‘taxi’ in the Apple or Google app stores, you will get dozens of hits. Which application is the best choice here? That depends mainly on your location or the region in which you mostly stay. Even in smaller cities, local taxi companies have often had their own applications programmed in order to offer customers more service. In the big cities, having a dedicated app for taxi operators is already a good thing. In addition to such individual offers, you will also find apps that work supra-regionally in many cities or even abroad.These applications are the universal solution for everyone who travels a lot or if an app from a local provider is missing. There are hardly any differences between the programs in the basic functions. Some convenient additional functions, such as paying by smartphone, can only be found in the more prominent taxi apps by hybrid app development company.

Order a taxi with ease

With a taxi app on your smartphone, you no longer have to memorize a taxi number or look for a company in a foreign city – the applications automatically connect you to the nearest station. In unfamiliar surroundings, in particular, it is sometimes difficult to give the exact address where a vehicle should pick you up. Taxi apps take care of this for you to the nearest meter using GPS. A map view usually shows you the available vehicles in the area including the approximate waiting times. If one of these drivers takes over your tour, you can follow their route directly on the map and see more precise information on the waiting time there. When the car approaches, some taxi app even turns your mobile phone display into a blinker after a short shake, so that you can draw attention to yourself in the dark.

The most important functions of Taxi apps

GPS location

Nowadays, all apps have a map view as standard and, thanks to GPS, automatically locate the location of the passenger. This avoids the cumbersome typing of the desired pick-up location. This did not always work correctly, but it occurred equally with all apps and was not due to the app itself, but to the device’s internal GPS function of the smartphone.

The search functions

The address book search makes it easier for passengers to find the addresses of their contacts. Instead of typing in the address, the name of the contact is sufficient. If it is in the smartphone’s address book, the address appears as the destination.

Live tracking with estimated travel time

One of the important functions is the live tracking of the taxi with the display of the estimated time of arrival. After placing the order, the passenger can thus see on the map view how the taxi is approaching and how long he has to wait. So he can stay in the warm and only go into the cold when the taxi has arrived.

Further advantages of the taxi apps

With the costs of the upcoming trip, you will no longer experience any unpleasant surprises. All apps have an integrated fare calculator for a quick overview of costs. Many applications also store your previous journeys in a journal, where you can track old routes and expenses at any time. If you forget your wallet, you still don’t have to go without a taxi. You then simply pay directly with the smartphone app and give the driver a tip when you are satisfied with the transport. The total amount will then be charged to your credit card or collected via a PayPal account. If the trip was more of a fiasco, quickly leave a suitable rating in the application or appoint a good chauffeur as your regular driver.

Limits of the taxi apps

These applications make taxi journeys more convenient not faster. Some pre-orders do not yet work, but this can also happen to you when you make a reservation by telephone. The programs from local providers in particular have only a few functions. Developing reliable apps already means higher costs for companies. Extended functionality increases these costs proportionally. This can usually only afford the initiators of the large, nationally working applications, who then have to offer a corresponding plus in convenience. There you will often not find a vehicle via the applications in smaller cities or in the countryside.


Despite the weaknesses mentioned above, interest in taxi apps is growing steadily. Over time, the growing demand will certainly convince more and more taxi companies and drivers to work directly with one or the other taxi app, even away from major cities and metropolitan regions. By then at the latest, taxi apps will actually become useful, helpful smartphone applications for everyday use everywhere. As a passenger, you should choose the taxi app based on how densely populated the area you are in. In sparsely populated areas, it is best to use an app with a connection to a taxi center.

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