Make Your Home Entrance Look Impressive With These Unique Decor Pieces!

We’re highly impacted by the vibe of our home and that’s exactly why we set the interiors to our comfort. Same is true for your guests. The decor visitors see at your home tells them a lot about your personality and that is how they perceive you. So why not show them the best from the start? After all, the first impression is the last impression.

Things That Are Best For Indian Style Front Door Decoration 

In the age of multiple apartments on the same floor, your home’s decor doesn’t start from your living room, it begins from your front door. Your front door decoration makes your house stand out from the others at first glance. Imagine stepping into your house through a door that has a couple of plants, a sophisticated key holder and a beautiful wall hanging by the side. Refreshes your mood, right? So let’s get started on all the things that can make your front door look more welcoming. 

‘Brass, Wood & Colours’ Madhubani Hand-Painted Dhokra Key Holder In Sheesham & Teak Wood

Indian handicraft items are popular worldwide for their earthy vibe. They bring a sense of authenticity to the house and this Madhubani hand-painted dhokra key holder fits right in. Unique key holders can make your entrance look pleasing and add a creative touch to it. The best way to place it is on the wall next to your door. Made in Sheesham and teak wood, this key holder is equipped with six hooks. It has a very festive, historical yet contemporary look and because of its rustic mood, it goes well with both light and bright walls.   

Original price: Rs. 2,345.00

Discount price: Rs. 1,875.00

‘The Framed Pots’ Wooden Wall Shelf With Warli Hand-Painted Miniature Pots

You can put these framed pots right outside your door or above your shoe rack. Warli hand-painting gives them a tribal, story-telling look while the combination of black and white works on the sophisticated vibe of the pots. 

Original price: Rs. 1,625.00

Discount price: Rs. 1,299.00

Ceramic Gas Stove Brewing Aroma Diffuser (Studio Pottery)

Nothing makes a first impression like an aromatic, romantically lit entry. This tiny kettle-stove diffuser in pistachio green will help you create a relaxing atmosphere around your entrance. Not only does it have an alluring design, but having a diffuser by your door also gives you the liberty to choose the aroma of the day which, also means, you have the power to control the mood of everyone who enters your home.   

Original price: Rs. 1,499.00

Discount price: Rs. 1,199.00

Chattering Monkeys’ Handmade Garden Decorative Table Cum Wall Showpiece In Terracotta

Want to add a funky touch to your front door? How about this Chattering Monkeys wall piece. You can use it to grow an indoor plant. This showpiece is versatile, you can place it on a table, on stairs or even hang it on your door or a wall by the door.    

Original price: Rs. 910.00

Discount price: Rs. 725.00

Glowing Vines Handcrafted Wall Sconce Tea Light Holders In Iron With Glass Holders

This set of two tea light holders is perfect to add a little extra light to your two-door entrance. It’s iron-made and can hold up to four glasses each. 

Original price: Rs. 1,875.00

Discount price: Rs. 1,499.00