Make Your Chinese Learning Journey Exciting With These Tips!!

One of the important aspects of learning a new thing is making the best use of time. We all have a limited amount of time in a day and if we use it wisely, we can learn anything. But very few people understand the importance of some extra time in learning. If you use the little time which you get in your free time, it can add tremendous value to your learning approach. 

For example, suppose you are learning the Chinese language and sometimes you don’t feel like studying like many people. What do you do then? Perhaps simply waste the time in other activities. But if you want you can utilize the time in your learning through other activities such as seeing flashcards of Chinese vocabulary, listening songs, etc. which will motivate you to learn and keep your interest alive. Likewise, there are many things that you can do to improve your learning experience. 

Merely enrolling yourself in a Chinese language learning center in Dubai is not going to help you unless you put some extra effort by your side. If you are clueless about what needs to be done to learn the language actively, then don’t worry, in this article we are going to discuss that. Let’s just go through them one by one.

Using Flashcards For Learning 

Flashcards are an effective way of learning a new language. It helps you in mastering the vocabulary of that particular language. Further, it is very easy to carry it and there are many mobile apps available that provide these cards. With the help of these flashcards, you can learn by just spending five to ten minutes. If you are a working person then you can make use of your travel time and check out these cards to learn new words each day.

Read Chinese Newspaper

Reading is an effective way to build word power and memorize new words. It also helps you in improving your comprehension ability. As we have discussed earlier usage of flashcards, you can find similar words in the newspaper also. This way it will increase your vocabulary automatically. You only have to spend a few minutes daily to get accustomed to it. If you don’t have Chinese daily in your city, you can read it online. 

Listen to Songs

You get bored of reading? If yes, then no problem. There is another way for you. What about listening to songs? Everyone loves listening to songs. But Chinese songs? You might think it is not a good idea, but in fact, it is. Listening has a direct impact on our brain and it stimulates our brain’s cells to absorb new things. In the beginning, you will feel a little difficulty in understanding it, but after some time you will start catching the tone and pronunciation. This activity will immensely help you in picking up the tone of the language.


We are living in a social media world and there are many apps through which we can connect to Chinese speaking people across the world. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to chat with someone in the Chinese language? This has an added advantage as along with learning the language, you also get an opportunity to know Chinese people and their culture. If everything goes well, you can even have a good relationship with them. It is not a bad idea to know strangers through chat in a connected world.

Practice Writing 

Writing is the best practice to gain mastery in any language. Whatever you have learned from the above activities, try to write a few words in Chinese on your own. If you know someone who can test your writing, then you can approach them. Otherwise many online testing tools are available where you can write and check your writings.


Learning a new language can be a tedious task, especially the Mandarin language. To make your learning exciting you have to adopt some unique methods. These activities discussed above will help you in achieving your learning goals if pursued properly. Make your Chinese learning exciting and use these activities to boost your skills.

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