Make Sure your Workout Counts by Avoiding these Common Home Workout Mistakes!

The pandemic has made working out at home the new normal , and it might be the smartest way to remain in shape during the months to come. This has made fitness enthusiasts turn to YouTube and Instagram in search of workouts to get inspired from and do at home using home workout equipment

Studies have found that people are more inclined to make a lot of common mistakes during their training regimen, which usually remains unnoticed. But it is imperative to figure out these mistakes in order to avoid injury during your training sessions. 

The first step is identifying what you’re doing wrong so that you can address it. Here are some common mistakes people make:

  1. No warm-up routine: Warm-up is an indispensable activity for any kind of workout you perform. As it reduces the risk of injuries as they prepare your body to do an intense exercise. Spending 10 minutes on warming up by doing star jumps or shaking your arms and knees is an excellent way to begin a workout session.

  2. No structured workout schedule/plan: It is of high importance that you align your fitness goals before you begin working out at home even if you plan a minimum of four 30-minute workout sessions in a week. It is not recommended to do all kinds of exercises in a day. Plan a schedule or list of exercises targeting muscle groups for each session. There are various types of exercises that you can follow. Go slow and commit to staying consistent, even on hard days.

  3. Irregular and Inconsistent Schedule: We must keep aside time and stick to a fixed schedule to workout everyday. By being consistent, you will feel the physical benefits of doing a daily home workout. Another way of making sure you are regular is by training with a virtual workout buddy and keep each other motivated.

  4. Lifting weights that are Too Heavy or Lifting Too Light:An excellent way to start your workout is by using lighter weights to warm up your muscles, and then progress to lifting heavier weights. Keeping your form proper and using use back or joint support gear while lifting weights is of utmost importance as there is a risk of injury if not taken care of. An ideal way to use weights is which allow you to increase the number of sets to increase strength and muscle mass.

  5. Too much Cardio: Avoid doing too much cardio if muscle building is your goal. Too much cardio can accentuate your risk of injuries and make it difficult to build muscle. In order to build lean mass, it is essential to lift weights a few days a week along with regular cardiovascular exercise in just about every day. It is a misconception a lot of people have that weight lifting is equated with building muscle built. Whilst that’s not entirely a myth, it’s not the only way to build strength and muscle. It is possible to build muscle at home with targeted exercise.
  6. Incorrect eating pattern: Eating something nutritious45-60 minutes before a workout gives you the necessary boost needed for a workout and prevents the flow of blood to the stomach for digestion. If this happens, your body doesn’t get enough oxygen while exercising. Eating post-workout is equally fundamental for muscle growth and recovery. Including an adequate amount of proteins in your meals help to maintain and build muscles while keeping you fuller for a longer time.

  7. Doing the Same Workout Everyday: This is one of the most common mistakes people doing home workouts make. You eliminate progress if you do the same workout every day, which further eliminates the chances of improving muscles and stagnates growth.

  8. Not putting enough efforts: it is essential to push your self hard when working out at home in order to achieve the body you desire. You can keep yourself motivated and push your self by having a workout body or completing virtual workouts with an instructor. Having structured workouts and setting personal goals are some of the best ways to boost workouts.

  9. Forgoing Resistance Training: Cardio is great, but resistance training is equally essential if you aim to build muscle and get the body you desire. It is not necessary that you can only do resistance training with dumbbells or kettlebells. If you don’t have them, use makeshift weights like milk jugs filled with water, resistance bands, or even your own body weight as resistance.

  10. Working out in the Wrong area of the house: You should always avoid working out in the most comfortable room in your home as it will easily distract you if your comfortable couch and TV surround you, and that’s a recipe for skipped sessions. It is essential to create a dedicated space for home gym to get into the right mindset.

  11. Not taking Rest Days: Have you ever felt an added pressure to exercise everyday because of the lockdown. This is a very common home workout mistake that people do not let their body rest. Your body occasionally needs an easy stroll and sleep, and we should not ignore it. Another way to rewind on a rest day is enrolling in meditation sessions or some light yoga.

  12. Not hydrating enough: It is very important to keep yourself hydrated at all times and not only while working out. Not drinking enough water can affect energy levels. Make sure to track your fluid intake throughout the day.

  13. Appropriate workout gear: you should not refrain from wearing the correct workout clothes and footwear just because you work out at home. Not wearing the right equipment during exercise increases your risk of injuries.

The last thing you want to do is put hard work to train and see it go waste because of little mistakes. Do you feel like you’re making some of these mistakes in your home workout routine?

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