Make Sure You Read This Before You Buy Delta-8 Flower!

In 2022, delta-8 flowers began to become famous as they resembled weeds. Despite the excitement over D8, many brands left out critical information that should be known by all. We’ll discuss how delta-8 flowers make and why you should steer clear of them in this article.

What is the process of making Delta-8 flowers?

It’s not possible to grow the delta-8 flower. Since delta-8 concentrations in cannabis are low, it is necessary to extract it from hemp flower quantities carefully. It creates delta-8 distillate.

Delta 8 flower bulk are produced by spraying hemp flowers using diluted delta-8 distillate before covering it with the kief. The bud appears like top-quality, frosty cannabis. However, it’s usually poor-quality hemp sprayed with the chemical.

The Delta-8 distillate has a high viscosity. That means it’s thick. Therefore, for it to be able to be sprayed, the distillate must first be reduced. A thinning agent needs for this, including harmful chemicals such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine MCT oil, etc.

When the delta-8 distillate is thin, the distillate is applied to the hemp flower using the “distillate sprayer” inside a tumbler. Many companies claim to coat it with “delta-8 infused kief.” The kief is most likely to be marijuana or CBD flower kief since there isn’t any evidence to support the claim.

The reason you shouldn’t smoke is that it can be harmful. DELTA-8 FLOWER.No one tested the D8 flower for the presence of solvents in their residuals. As a result of previous processing, a residue solvent cannot purify before use.

For the delta-8 flower, there are no brands currently with genuine testing of their residual solvent for buds. Certain brands have tests of residual solvents in their distillate before production; however, after it’s been thinned and sprayed, no tests have been completed.

Many companies claim to use safer, natural substances such as terpenes, which are thinning agents to reduce the amount of distillate; however, without evidence through lab tests, this appears unlikely.

There is a safer alternative available.

Delta-8 vape cartridges provide all the advantages of delta-8 flower but with a fraction of the dangers, but you should be sure to avoid counterfeit cartridges.

The reason that cartridges are more secure is that vaping does not require burning. Vapor generate through the heating of a coil that warms the distillate. This process permits the distillate to remain more solid and requires very little or no solvents to thin before it consumes. 

You’ll get a healthier, more pure product and even laboratory tests to prove it at the end of the day! The majority of reputable delta-8 vape cartridge manufacturers have complete panel lab tests that reveal the results of residual solvents, pesticides, potency along with heavy metals. Find ours here.

If you want to smoke herb, wait until you get some good weed, or try pairing a D8 cart with some CBD flower. We don’t think it’s worth taking a risk with a chemical cocktail as better alternatives are available.

Why is Delta 8 vape oil provided in Delta 8 cartridges?

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