A Guide to Make Personalized Water Bottles With Stickers

Custom-made appliances are getting popular day by day. People gravitate towards items that they can personalize. Minimal designs or some detailed designs, people nowadays like to own products with customized designs. And, we must say, it’s a fantastic process for getting your very own design on a product. Here, we will see how you can personalize water bottles with different kinds of stickers. At the end of the article, we will also talk about why you can’t use all sorts of stickers to customized your water bottle.

Transparent Vinyl Stickers For Water Bottles

These stickers are commonly used to add customized designs, letters, and numerals on water bottles. Not only water bottles, people using the transparent vinyl sticker on all kinds of products these days. They are also known as a clear vinyl sticker. You can buy some to perform DIY projects at home. Or, you can all look are companies who run enterprises of setting and printing stickers on the product.

By any chance, if you are wondering, are vinyl stickers waterproof? The most logical answer is Yes. As you will be using these stickers on the product, they have to be waterproof. But, you should also know that vinyl itself is not waterproof. They are laminated with plastic to make it waterproof.

How Vinyl Stickers Are Made

The process is straightforward. If you have a working knowledge or using a computer, you can do it at home. Not mention, you will need some specials appliances to print it out. The process you will be attempting at home is the same as those who produce these stickers in bulk. The process is intriguing to learn about! Let’s take a look.

Creating The Design

You can browse some unique pictures to customize your water bottle. Or, you can make use of a skillful photo editing software to create your very own design.

Print-Out The Design

You can’t use regular white paper, duh! You need to use vinyl printing paper. You will find them online or in the market. They are readily available.

Laminating, Cutting, Peeling, And Applying

After finishing printing, you will need an over-laminate sheet. You add that sheet on the vinyl print paper. The design will be transferred automatically once you add the over-laminating sheet. Then, you need to cut the designs into shapes. When the designs are in the desired shapes, you can simply peel the laminating and add them to your water bottle.

Transfer Stickers For Water Bottles

These stickers are also known as transfer decals. There mainly work two ways, one kind of transfer stickers need water and other kind developed on the dry transfer of the design. You can use transfer stickers on your water bottles or any kind of plain surface. In comparison to transparent sticker, this one looks better on the product surface.

In transparent vinyl stickers, you get a layer left. In other words, you see the design along with the laminating paper. Transfer decals are the opposite of that. You mainly peel the laminating paper and apply it to the surface. Then, you take off the laminating sheet from the object’s surface. After taking it off, you will be left with the design only! That means the design will be transferred from the laminating sheet to the surface of the object.

Die Cut Vinyl Stickers For Water Bottles

You can use this sticker on a water bottle too. They are an excellent choice for outdoor uses also. Considering that, you can use them on your vehicles. Anyway, you might be wondering now, what is the difference between a sticker and a decal. The difference is simple- a die cut vinyl sticker mainly contains more complicated designs.

Let’s make your familiar with an interesting idea here. A decal, label both is stickers, but all stickers are not label or decal. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of decal and a sticker. Furthermore, these stickers are developed little differently. For instance, these stickers are eco-friendly, and they last almost three years. They are best for outdoor uses. Other stickers won’t last as much as a die cut vinyl sticker.

Wall Decal For Water Bottles

You see, the name of the sticker suggests, it’s a sticker for the wall. Wall stickers are bigger in size, aren’t they? Also, they don’t have the vinyl laminating sheet as they are going to the used indoor. They might not be as good as resisting water too. Overall, you can’t use a wall decal on a water bottle. Bottle stickers need to have strong formation, and they have to waterproof. 

To Warp-up

Stickers are the easiest option to add a design on a specific surface. Anyway, you have seen you can’t just use any kind of sticker for a particular purpose. We hope you get to select a suitable one.