Make a Homemade fresh fruit juice

Hey, yes, you know, fruits are rich in vitamins and provide essential nutritional values ‚Äč‚Äčfor our body while being delicious!¬†The fresh juices, smoothies, fruit cocktails, smoothies, sorbets,¬†¬†of plant milk, soups, sauces, jams, purees, Indian lassi cocktails yet.¬†¬†There are a thousand ways to put our gorged fruit bottled sun, as well as vegetables from the garden.¬†Homemade fruit juice is also the assurance of filling up with vitality.¬†


At a time when healthy eating has become almost compulsory and junk food is losing steam, electric extractors for making fruit and vegetable juices are enjoying tremendous success.


How to extract juice from fresh fruit 

There are many ways to extract the juice.  The differences in juice quality, nutrient content and juice yield, however, are quite different. The best solution to make a good juice is without hesitation to equip yourself with the best juicer for healthy juice, which will allow you to preserve the nutrients and vitamins of your fruit. The only downside to the extractor is the price.  Indeed, many models are around 400 to 500 Euros.  I know this represents a huge budget, but compared to the use that can be made of it, it will quickly pay off.


The gentle extraction of juice.

This cold extraction process, that is to say without heating, preserves 100% of the nutrients  (enzymes, vitamins, minerals, etc.)  The juice then contains water and nutrients (vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids) but more fibre.  All the nutrients the body needs to function perfectly without tiring it since, without fibre, your juice will be perfectly assimilated by the body.


Quiet, this device works very smoothly.  It crushes the fruits slowly to extract the juice  (without centrifugal force).  This system particularly preserves the flavour of fruits and vegetables and limits their oxidation.  The juice is thus very homogeneous, tasty and very thick.


A juice is 4 times better assimilated by the body than raw food or a fruit


Slow extractor juice extractor with a speed of 60 rpm capable of extracting juice from any fruit and vegetable (including leaves, roots and oilseeds).  Its excellent extraction quality allows it to retain all the precious nutrients contained in your food by perfectly dissociating the pulp from the mineral content (water + nutrients:  enzymes, minerals, vitamins).  You will thus obtain a fibre-free juice.


Make a good homemade fresh apple juice.

The apple is a fruit rich in fibre and vitamins and it is advisable to take it every day, at home prepare an apple juice to refresh you while doing yourself good.

For apple juice, use perfectly healthy fruits that can be eaten.  It is simple and sufficient to avoid false tastes and health problems. The apples must be ripe, crunchy, sweet and very juicy. (Avoid overripe apples)


Making fresh grape juice with the juice extractor

Just to tell you, it’s a killer, and without exaggerating, it’s one of the best juices I’ve had the chance to drink in my life.¬†It is also thanks to my grape, which has a very good taste, that I have such a result.¬†But it is bypassing the grapes through the juice extractor that we manage to release flavours that cannot be found by pressing in the press.¬†We find flavours of strawberries, red fruits, red grapes, a real delicacy.


How to make a good fresh grape juice, with the extractor. Grape juice is one of the most popular juices, but also one of the sweetest so to be consumed in moderation, but it can possibly be mixed with other fruits and vegetables to make excellent natural and full fruit juices of vitamins, you should use only fresh and healthy fruits, without chemical treatment and with good maturity.


Other uses and recipes

The juice extractor allows you to make many recipes. Here are some examples of all that can be done with the:

Vegetable juices: carrot or cabbage juice or even green detox juices

Fruit juices: the classic apple juice, grape juice or a multi-vitamin juice (orange – pomegranate) to start the day

Herbal juices: a juice of wheatgrass or spinach leaves

Plant-based milk: almond milk, walnut milk and for gourmets, cashew and chocolate milk

Jars and baby food: carrot puree, broccoli soup, fruit puree

Cocktails: sangria, green lemonade, Mojitos and other pink grapefruit

Smoothies: with vegetables (pumpkin or sweet potato), with fruits (melon-banana, tomatoes-kiwi)

Frozen desserts: mango sorbet, yogurt-banana ice cream


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